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Katherine (�Katie�) A. Ostruszka, Arts '92

Katherine A. Ostruszka,
Arts '92

Young Alumna of the Year Award

Helen Way Klingler College of Arts and Sciences

Young Alumna of the Year Award

Katherine A. Ostruszka, Arts '92

As chief financial officer for Marine Growth Ventures Inc., Milwaukee native Katie Ostruszka helps navigate the specialized holding company, which identifies, investigates and facilitates marine-related opportunities ranging from freight to entertainment.

Katie has charted steady growth at Marine, bringing 18 years of experience in financial analysis, particularly in real estate, gaming, telecommunications and technology. After earning a bachelor's degree in economics and international affairs at Marquette, she launched her career with Phoenix Investors LLC, overseeing the start up of new companies and acquisition of existing ventures. By 2004, she was controller at Phoenix, a position she still holds in addition to her job with Marine Growth Ventures.

Beyond the business world, Katie is anchored in academia and has been an economics instructor at Waukesha County (Wis.) Technical College since 1997. "I love watching the light bulb go on above my students' heads when teaching economics," she says. "It's a thrill."

From her business career to her dedicated teaching, Katie maintains an even keel as a young professional. But she is wise beyond her years, recognizing that: "To enjoy life, you need to realize there is more to it than just work. Look around and see the things you are blessed with, and you will soon realize how successful you really are."

Katie counts her Marquette education and the friends she met during her four years on campus among the blessings behind her success. Sounds like she has exactly what she needs for navigating her voyage in life.

down arrowFun facts about Katie

Her favorite place on campus to study, socialize and relax with friends: To study — When she lived at Schroeder Hall, she loved using one of the window sills in the stairwell to study.
To socialize — Where didn’t she socialize? There was the old union, then the new union, the dorm cafeterias, the dorm lobbies, the grass area outside Lalumiere — and the list goes on and on and on.