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kitty huebner alaily, master of Arts '72

Kitty Alaily

Kitty Alaily’s formula for success can be summed up in two words: hard work. It is through her resourcefulness, persistence, determination and a lot of hard work that she has been able to purchase and operate 36 Cost Cutters salons and five SuperCuts locations throughout northeastern Wisconsin.

“I never dreamed that we would own our own business or that I would be an active business owner,” she said. “I like being my own boss. When things go well there is no better high; but failures can be killing. However, what you learn from your mistakes makes up for all the fear associated with failure. The truly best part of the work I do is the people and the learning.”

After graduating from Marquette with a master’s degree, Kitty and her husband, Jamil, who is also a Marquette grad, lived overseas in Sweden, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. During that time, Kitty raised her children and began a career as an elementary school and art teacher. Upon returning to the United States, she invested the couple’s nest egg in a franchise opportunity that resulted in her current ownership of Cost Cutters and SuperCuts.

Kitty also credits her Marquette experiences for her entrepreneurial success. It was her husband who encouraged her to earn her graduate degree from Marquette. “Without his mentorship and Marquette’s financial assistance, I would never have achieved such a wonderful education,” Kitty said. “Marquette provides incredible help for students to complete their education no matter what the need.”

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