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Anthony D. Dalesandro II, Sp ’87


Anthony DalesandroWhether he’s directing an award-winning commercial or feature film, Anthony Dalesandro believes in pushing himself.

“My personal formula for success is a dedication to constantly improving the creativity of my craft as well as believing passionately in the work that I am doing,” he says. “If I have passion for the project I know it will receive my best work creatively and will focus my energy on making the project the best it can be. In addition, when the cast and crew see a motivated, passionate director at the helm, the quality of the entire group’s work increases.”

He has directed commercials for Yahoo!, Motorola, LucasArts and many others, and his latest series of commercials for the cable network SOAPnet is up for several awards. As a feature filmmaker, Anthony directed the independent film Escape to Grizzly Mountain released by MGM and is working on the film Dead Ned, which is scheduled to be released later this year. He has worked with celebrities such as Rodney Dangerfield, Maria Sharapova and Rachel Hunter.

“What I enjoy best about my work is telling stories and entertaining audiences. It’s hugely satisfying to work hard on a commercial or feature film and then see audiences laugh or be scared exactly as you planned,” he says. “Another joy comes from learning about the different worlds in which the stories take place. One week I’m learning everything I can about circus animals for one project and on the next we’re speculating on what an interstellar mining ship may look like. It keeps things interesting!”

Anthony said his Marquette education helped him work toward his goal of becoming a narrative filmmaker. He was encouraged by the strong community of creative peers, access to equipment and openness of the professors, and he still draws on the foundations of his liberal arts education.

“It’s surprising sometimes the diverse conversations or philosophical debates that I have with colleagues over seemingly simple scripts or creative concepts,” he says. “Marquette’s emphasis on a strong liberal arts education, especially with regard to philosophy, theology and writing, has been a great benefit to me when having these discussions that strongly influence the creative direction of a project.”

A native of Chicago, Anthony now lives in Los Angeles with his wife, screenwriter Lisa Johnson Dalesandro, Sp ’88, and their daughter, Avalon.

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