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Mary Mundt

Distinguished AlumnA OF THE YEAR AWARD

Mary H. Mundt, Ph.D., Nurs ’71, Grad ’84

Following a childhood dream led Mary into a life of service, first in medicine and now in academia.

Carol Hunt Ott

counseling and educational psychology Achievement Award

Carol Hunt Ott, Ph.D., R.N., L.P.C., Nurs ’67, Grad ’74, ’98

The loss of Carol’s first husband 25 years ago inspired her to explore meaningful new ways to guide others through their own experiences of grief.

Sara Kremer Larsen

educational policy and leadership achievement Award
Sara Kremer Larsen, Ph.D., Grad ’97

A lifelong learner, Sara seeks to instill the same joy of discovery in children through her work as a superintendent of schools.

Bonnie Nicholson

young alumnA Award
Bonnie C. Nicholson, Ph.D., Grad ’98, ’01

From classroom work to clinical supervision, Bonnie gives burgeoning psychologists clear-headed counseling so they, in turn, can counsel others.

James and Janet Hartman

James and Janet Hartman

Their debt of gratitude, the Hartman Literacy and Learning Center, continues to enrich the lives of inner-city students and Marquette student-teachers.


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