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Juliana C. Furlong, Comm ’90, Grad ’98


Juliana FurlongWhen it came to selecting a university, Juliana Furlong chose Marquette. Twice.

Years after receiving her bachelor’s in communication, she enrolled in the Executive MBA program, capping off an educational experience that lasted about six years.

Juliana says she initially was attracted to Marquette because of its location. “I’m a city girl,” she says.

But she was equally comfortable with the “intimate atmosphere and support,” she discovered at Marquette. “There was a sense of mission that we were being educated to be leaders in the world,” she says.

Juliana took that leadership role very seriously. Her company, Chicago-based LTD Commodities, named her its 2006 employee of the year after she took on an extra, highly demanding management role. She also has been involved in a major technology change at the company.

Juliana was extremely impressed with the Executive MBA program’s focus on practical experience and technology, and she went to Antwerp, Belgium, as part of it.

Juliana says Marquette’s motto — Be The Difference — is inspiring. She thinks that we all have a responsibility to act as the difference and that one person’s actions can snowball. The courage to stand up for the right thing — whether it’s in the boardroom or with a neighbor — may just inspire others to do the same.

“That’s the message that has permeated Marquette since the day I arrived,” she says.

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