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Tanner B. Kilander, arts '97, law '02

Serving the poor through the law has been a career focus for Tanner Kilander even longer than she has been a lawyer. While earning her Marquette law degree, she met with then Law School Dean Howard B. Eisenberg to discuss a model for delivering legal services to the poor.

Benefiting from Eisenberg’s insights, Tanner played an integral role in conceiving and developing the Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinic, a walk-in legal information and referral service for people who have no other access to legal information.

Located at the House of Peace at 17th and Walnut in Milwaukee, the clinic is staff by 30–40 lawyers who volunteer in rotations, assisted by Marquette law students, and is supported by both the House of Peace and the Law School. Since the clinic opened in January 2002, it has served more than 2,000 clients.

"For me," Tanner says, “every night at the clinic is an adventure. It is also incredibly humbling to realize that 10 minutes with an attorney truly changes the lives of our clients. My work at the legal clinic is the best part of my professional life and I am lucky to have the opportunity to do it.”

Tanner combines this volunteer commitment with her active solo practice, representing the best interests of children in Milwaukee County Children’s Court as a guardian ad litem. “My job is the best job I could imagine,” she says. “I get to advocate for what’s right, for what’s safest and best for kids.”

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