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William J. Schroeder, ENG '67, GRAD '68

As president and chief executive officer of several companies, William Schroeder has had the opportunity to lead throughout his career. But he believes his success in life “has always depended heavily on the successful efforts of others — it’s all about people,” he says.

Bill is the former president and CEO of Diamond Multimedia Systems, where he turned his graphics company into an Internet access products and appliances business. Under his leadership, the company introduced the Rio MP3 player in 1998.

Bill’s experiences also include being president, chief operating officer and vice chairman of Conner Peripherals, one of the fastest growing manufacturing companies in the 1980s, and founder and CEO of Priam Corporation, which went public in 1983. Most recently, he served as president and CEO of Vormetric Inc., a provider of enterprise security solutions.

Bill has recently retired so that he can spend more time with his family and work on the boards of several West Coast companies. He says he enjoys board work because he feels he can “have a more flexible lifestyle and yet still stay connected and have an impact, leveraging years of past experiences in mentoring management teams.”

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