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November 2016

Alumni mentors return to campus to support mentees at record-setting program kickoff

Joined by approximately 120 student mentees, alumni mentors, faculty and staff, the MUAA Mentor Program launched Oct. 7 in unprecedented fashion. Alumni mentors from Texas, Tennessee, Michigan and the Chicago area- along with Milwaukee- returned to campus to meet their mentees and other students for the first time.

MUAA Mentor Program Tim Feltes and Sam WesleyFor mentee Sam Wesley, Bus Ad '17, the day was also a chance to welcome his mentor Tim Feltes, Bus Ad '75, to his business, Seiva. The company started with four Marquette alumni which brings high-tech muscle and movement pattern measurement and analysis to athletes and physical therapy patients.

“Spending a few hours with Tim to get his insights about our business was extremely beneficial for everyone in our company,” Sam says. “As a business owner himself, we learned so much and got excellent feedback about how to approach our own work.

Special thanks to all alumni mentors, student mentees, and faculty and staff who contributed to the kickoff celebration.

Recent fall break provides shadowing opportunity for several mentees

Along with some time away from campus, fall break also meant a chance for mentees such as Maggie Cannon, Comm '19, and Emily Rodriguez, Arts '17, to job- shadow their mentors.
MUAA Mentor Program Job Shadowing Rob Hart and Maggie CannonMaggie shadowed mentor Rob Hart, Comm '02, and news anchor/reporter at WBBM Newsradio in Chicago. “Shadowing Rob was such a great learning experience. I met the anchors, writers, editors and directors. It opened my eyes to the possibilities journalism offers,” she says.

MUAA Mentor Program Brian Brown and Emily RodriguezMentor Brian Brown, Arts '07, also welcomed his mentee, Emily Rodriguez, for a close-up look at his daily work activities- along with a taste of Chicago, too. “We spent the day at my office learning the ins and outs of a professional practice in clinical psychology and also explored job and grad school opportunities after Marquette, he says. We also enjoyed lunch and visited the Bean!”

Mentees can get a valuable day in the life” perspective from their mentor through job shadowing. With Thanksgiving and semester break a just a few weeks away, consider discussing this possibility with them today.

Tips for a successful relationship

Whether you’re a new or seasoned mentor program participant, consider these keys to maximize your relationship:

  • Book it. Schedule meetings, extended conversations, job shadowing (as noted above) and other business well in advance of the actual dates. If you’re considering a job shadow opportunity during break, it's time to discuss and begin planning for it (finals begin Dec. 12).
  • Set an agenda in advance of each meeting. Meeting agendas help identify key objectives to be accomplished and help prepare the mentor and mentee for the discussion.
  • Identify action items. Outlining next steps at the conclusion of each conversation clarifies roles, helps avoid miscommunication and can assist in creating the next meeting agenda.
  • Prompt replies go a long way. If you're contacted by your mentor or mentee, replying within one day, when possible, is common courtesy (even if it's a short message).
  • Goal check. Regularly review the goal document you created and agreed upon. Are you on track to complete the goals? Should goal adjustments be made in light of a new career interest or an emerging priority? The document serves as a guide and can be changed, if necessary. 

New Mentee Alumni Network members provide support current student participants

MUAA Mentor Program Mentee Alumni Network

Prior to the conclusion of the 2015-16 MUAA Mentor Program, mentees suggested an initiative to provide insights to current student participants. Fast forward to today and the program’s new Mentee Alumni Network is already making a difference. Nearly 10 past mentees serve as Mentee Network participants and have participated in candidate interviews, orientation and best practices workshops and are available throughout the program. Network members will be included in the MUAA Mentor Directory, which will be available this month.


Five Questions With...Mary Hunt, Arts '72 (Allie Kazalski, Arts '19, mentee)

Mary Hunt, Arts '721. You’ve served in the MUAA Mentor Program since it was established in 2013. What are two characteristics you’ve seen that make good mentees?  
Good mentees take the opportunity seriously and follow-up on leads/suggestions offered.

2. Have you changed your approach to mentoring a Marquette student? If so, what have you done?
Each of my three mentees has taught me how to be useful in ways that fit their needs.

3. What’s your favorite Marquette memory?
My Marquette friends- dorm mates, classroom colleagues, students with whom I lived as an RA—far outlast any class or experience when it comes to indelible memory.

Read Mary's full interview.

Save the date for mentor program social, networking event prior to men's baskeball game

2016-17 MUAA Mentor Program socialSave the date for Saturday, Jan. 28, as all MUAA Mentor Program participants- current and past- are invited to a complimentary social gathering at Buck Bradley's prior to the Providence at Marquette men's basketball game, which tips off at 1 p.m. CT. Stay tuned for details.

Last year's debut event attracted more than 50 attendees and this year's gathering is expected to draw even more mentors, mentees, faculty and staff to network in a casual setting.

In the news

Congratulations to these mentor program participants for their recent achievements:

Gerry Ahern, Jour '87Mentor Gerry Ahern, Jour ’87, vice president of content, USA TODAY Sports Media Group, was also named editor in chief of Golfweek magazine (Brendan Ploen, Comm ’18, mentee).

Mentee Carolyn Lewis, Comm ’19, was named an honorable mention recipient for the National Writing Day 50 Word Short Story by the Marquette University Norman H. Ott Memorial Writing Center.

If you have news you'd like to share here, such as a new job, internship or recent achievement, please send it to

MUAA Mentor Program Toolbox offers relevant mentor, career resources

From mentor and mentee icebreaker questions to timely and trending mentor and professional development articles, visit the MUAA Mentor Program Toolbox at This month's featured resource:

50-plus mentor and mentee questions and tips

Mentor program questions or comments? Contact MUAA Mentor Program Director Dan DeWeerdt at or (414) 288-4740.


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