A letter from the Director

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the AMU customer satisfaction survey this fall. Your perceptions of our programs and services are extremely important to us. Your performance ratings and comments indicate not only are we meeting and usually exceeding expectations, but that we are important to your overall Marquette experience. You expect the AMU to be the central gathering place on campus, and the hub for programs and services. We take that responsibility very seriously. Survey results indicate your level of satisfaction with our work has improved in all areas when compared to previous surveys in 2006 and 2008. Your overall impression of the AMU and its services reached a new high mean score of 3.98 on a 5 point scale. Thank you!

Further analysis shows customer service improvements in every AMU department! Your highest level of satisfaction went to the Post Office staff in Union Station as their mean score reached 4.02. On a daily basis, we receive great feedback on the events going through our Events Evaluation form, but your appreciation of our efforts came through in the 2010 survey. Your positive feedback on the efforts of our food service team is particularly satisfying. The latest Annex WOW Cafe and Eatery satisfaction scores hit new highs too. We will continue to work hard to improve all operations while we maintain a safe, friendly and clean operation. Thanks again.

The Instrument

In November of 2010, the AMU staff and Advisory Board invited a random sampling of Marquette University community members to participate in an assessment of the Alumni Memorial Union. This AMU Assessment tool has been conducted seven times beginning in 1999. Our custom survey provides the AMU team a diagnostic tool that is used to measure the effectiveness of our work. The comprehensive assessment is one step in a process to review our current status, and assists in determining the direction of programs and services in the future.

The survey was administered through the University's Opinio online assessment program from November 4 to November 10. At the end of November, the results were reviewed by the AMU Advisory Board. Additionally, the AMU team analyzes the results, reads all the comments, and then develop plans for continuous improvement.

A random sample of 2,500 MU community members were solicited; 1,900 students and 600 faculty/staff/administrators. We received 725 responses at a 29% return rate, down slightly from the response rate in 2006 (868/35%). Please feel free to refer to the this survey comparison summary for more information.


While these survey results indicate we are meeting and in many cases exceeding your expectations, we will continue to strive to improve and seek additional feedback. This survey combined with comment cards, event evaluations, Event Showcase interaction and AMU Advisory Board feedback will drive us to do more - Magis.

Thank you for your interest in the AMU.

Todd Vicker, Executive Director, AMU/Auxiliary Services

Web Post: December 8, 2010


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