The Faculty Awards for Teaching Excellence recognize faculty who inspire students to seek the ideals of the university and cause them to grow in knowledge and scholarship for the glory of God and the good of others.

Nominations are made by faculty and students each year, and winners are chosen by eight reviewers. Each award winner receives a $5,000 stipend and is honored during a formal awards ceremony at the annual Père Marquette Dinner on the first Thursday in May, a gathering that honors the university's namesake, Jesuit missionary and explorer Father Jacques Marquette.

Teaching Excellence Award recipients


Dr. Dennis Brylow, associate professor
Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science

Dr. Amy Van Hecke, associate professor
Department of Psychology


Dr. Kristen Foster, associate professor
Department of History


Dr. Daniel Meissner, associate professor 
Department of History 

Dr. John Su, professor, director of the Core of Common Studies
Department of English


Dr. Stephen Franzoi, professor emeritus
Department of Psychology 

Dr. Richard Jones
, professor
Department of Social and Cultural Sciences


Dr. John (Jack) Moyer, professor emeritus
Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science 

Dr. Rebecca Nowacek, associate professor 
Department of English


Dr. Barry Velleman, professor emeritus
Department of Foreign Languages and Literature


Rev. Steven Avella, professor
Department of History 

Dr. Theresa Tobin, associate professor
Department of Philosophy


Rev. Bryan Massingale, professor 
Department of Theology


Dr. Edward de St. Aubin, associate professor 
Department of Psychology 

Dr. Nancy Snow, professor
Department of Philosophy

Dr. Rosemary Stuart, professor
Department of Biological Sciences 

Dr. Amelia Zurcher, associate professor
Department of English