What is the timeline for the Spring 2018 Career Ready Internship Program?

What are the eligibility requirements for this program?

What is the application process for the Career Ready Internship Program?

If I’m accepted for further consideration, how are internship site placements decided?

What internships are available?

If I get an internship through my department, am I still a part of the Career Ready Internship Program?

 What are the Career Ready Internship Program Requirements?

What are the hour requirements for the Career Ready Internship Program?

Can I receive academic credit? Do I have to enroll in an internship course?

What are the financial aid implications if I participate in this internship?

What if I need help with my resume/interviewing skills?

How much will I be paid? How does payment work?

Will transportation be provided to my internship site?

I’ve been accepted to Career Ready Internship Program and have a site placement – what happens now?

How do I complete the I-9 Process?

How do I turn in my required forms (application, acceptance form, site agreement form, timesheets, etc.)?

When do internships begin and end?

Can I work during fall/spring break?

How many semesters do you support paid internships?

I didn’t receive an email about applying for the internship but I am interested in a paid internship?

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