Athletic Training

Direct Admission

Admission to the athletic training major can occur at two points in the academic sequencing. The major is filled initially by the admissions office from a pool of incoming freshman who apply by December 1 of their senior year of high school. This decision is made from a ranking of applicants based largely on their high school performance and standardized test scores. The maximum number of students admitted to athletic training is limited to 14 students as the program needs to provide adequate clinical supervision to those students which cannot be accomplished with an excessive number of students. Once accepted by the university, students must provide a completed program physical formPDF Document documenting compliance with the program’s “Technical StandardsPDF Document prior to beginning the program.

To apply for direct admission to the athletic training major, you must apply out of high school following the university’s admissions process.  Be sure to indicate on the application that athletic training is your first choice for an undergraduate major.  An essay is required as part of the direct admission process for the athletic training major.  When composing your essay, be sure to explain how you have explored the profession of athletic training, and include a description of any observational experiences you’ve done and how that has impacted your career goals and your choice of athletic training as a career.

Transfer admission

Those students not admitted directly into the program have a chance to transfer into it. Transfers into athletic training are evaluated individually. The program will accept a minimum of 2 qualified transfer students into each sophomore class. Additional transfers into the athletic training major will only be considered if there are vacancies in the program created by previously accepted students transferring out of the major. Accepted transfer students join the sophomore class of athletic training students the following academic year and will need three additional years from the time of acceptance to complete the required athletic training classes regardless of their previous academic standing.

Students interested in transferring to the athletic training major from a different institution must work with the athletic training program director and the College of Health Sciences dean’s office to evaluate their previous coursework and determine an individual time line for application to the major.  Each of these transfers is evaluated individually.

Please contact the program director for a transfer application and further information about transferring into athletic training.

To be considered for a transfer into the athletic training major, the student must meet the following minimum criteria:

  1. Must have a minimum of 2.75 GPA (cumulative).
  2. Must document that they have observed in an athletic training setting, preferably at Marquette, for 30 hours.
  3. Must have completed or be currently enrolled in and successfully completing the required freshman courses which include:
    • Chemistry 1001 and 1002
    • EXSC 1010 Emergency Care, CPR and AED
    • EXSC 1001 Introduction to Exercise Science
    • BISC 2015 Principles of Human Anatomy and Physiology 1
    • BISC 2016 Principles of Human Anatomy and Physiology 2
    • ATTR 1020 Prevention and Care of Injuries
  4. Must submit a signed AT Technical Standards formPDF Document indicating their compliance with program technical standards. This must be verified with a completed program physical form after initial acceptance into the major.

If they meet those criteria, the candidate must then fill out the transfer application and file this with the program director of athletic training by March 1st prior to the fall in which they will join the sophomore class. The top candidates will be interviewed and admission decisions will be made prior to the end of the school year.

If a student has not accomplished the necessary course work, they need to enroll in the College of Health Sciences Program in Exercise Science or undecided status, complete the coursework, and then apply the following year for admission into the next sophomore class. Again, transfers beyond 2 spots will only be considered if there is adequate space in the program.

Please contact the program director with any questions regarding the admissions process.


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