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Web Posted: June 2009

Book Marq Survey 2008

The Office of Auxiliary Services at Marquette University invited a random sample of 2500 students and 1120 faculty to participate in a survey evaluating the services of the Book Marq. This survey is one step in a process to assess our current service, and will assist in determining the direction of services in the future. The survey administered on-line in October of 2008. Survey results have been posted to this web site, discussed with the Auxiliary Services Vendor Committee.

  • 223 faculty surveys were completed in 2008, compared to 192 in 2006 and 101 in 2004. A random sample of 1120 was used; 20% responded.
  • 824 student surveys were completed in 2008, compared to 866 in 2006 and 1281 in 2004. The 2008 survey was administered through a random sample of 2500 students; 32% responded.
  • Prizes were awarded to three randomly selected participants for both the faculty and student surveys.
  • Faculty Winners: Terry Tobin, Stephen Byers and Ronald Mahn

  • Student Winners: Gizelle Gonzalez, Matthew T. Nelson and Melanie Kornis

  • The most important factors for using a campus book store remained the same for students and faculty in 2004, 2006 and 2008. The 2008 survey results reflect increased satisfaction in all areas including the most important factors of lowest price followed by availability of used textbooks.

Auxiliary Services crafted the first Book Marq survey with students from MUSG in March of 2004 and repeated in 2006 and 2008.  Actions taken after the 2008 survey included:

  • Results shared with Aux Services Vendor Committee
  • Personnel changes @ the Book Marq; one additional full-time position added.
  • The Book Marq staff will increase personal office visits to collect book adoptions.
  • Increased marketing efforts.
  • Change pickup procedures for online textbook program
  • Step up efforts to increase book adoptions prior to buy back to increase the value of textbooks and increase used book inventories.

Thank you for participating,

Todd Vicker

Executive Director

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