Dr. David A. Baker, Associate Professor

Neurobiology of cocaine addiction

Dr. SuJean Choi, Assistant Professor

Central mechanisms of energy regulation through serotonin and/or neuropeptide interactions and feeding behavior

Dr. William E. Cullinan, Associate Professor

Stress neurobiology, neuroanatomy, neuroendocrinology

Dr. Paul J. Gasser, Assistant Professor

Neurobiology of stress; Cellular mechanisms underlying stress hormone action

Dr. M. Behnam Ghasemzadeh, Associate Professor

Synaptic transmission and plasticity in drug abuse

Dr. Douglas C. Lobner, Professor

Mechanisms of cell death in neurodegenerative diseases, neurotrophic factors, stroke

Dr. John R. Mantsch, Associate Professor

Cocaine addiction and its treatment

Dr. Robert (Bob) Peoples, Associate Professor

Molecular mechanisms underlying alcohol-induced regulation of the NMDA receptor

Dr. Kevin R. Siebenlist, Associate Professor

Interactions of fibrin(ogen) with other proteins of the coagulation cascade

Dr. Linda K. Vaughn, Professor

Behavioral neuropharmacology/physiology of the endocannabinoid system

Dr. Robert Wheeler, Assistant Professor

Neural regulation of affect and motivated behavior



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