MBA/MSN Admissions

The MBA/MSN program is a combined program between the Graduate School of Management and the Marquette University College of Nursing. Students must apply separately to both the Graduate School of Management and the College of Nursing and meet the admissions requirements for each.

Applicants for Regular Degree status must submit all materials directly to the Graduate School of Management, Straz Hall Executive Center:

  • A completed application form and $50 fee (waived if you are already enrolled in the College of Nursing).
  • Official transcripts from all current and previous colleges except Marquette. Students that are already admitted to the College of Nursing may request transcripts to be sent from the Graduate School to the GSM. The College of Nursing will also accept the GMAT so no need to take a second entrance exam.
  • Official test scores from the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). 
  • Essay questions on page 7 of the application form.
  • Resume or job profile.
  • Two letters of recommendation are optional.

(Additional requirements for international applicants only):

  • Three letters of recommendation are required.
  • Official TOEFL score or other acceptable proof of English Proficiency.
  • Possibly interview

Students looking for temporary status can find out more at the GSM application page.

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