MBA/MSN Curriculum

For a graphical layout of requirements, see the MBA/MSN program flowchart

The MBA/MSN program is a combined program between the Graduate School of Management and the College of Nursing. Efficiencies are built into the program to maximize the student’s time and energy while providing thorough coverage in each area.

Students seeking admission to the joint program must apply separately to both the Graduate School of Management and Graduate School/College of Nursing. Students will be assigned an advisor in each program, and it is recommended that the student meet with each advisor prior to registration each semester. Students earn both degrees only after completing the requirements of both programs.

MBA/MSN Curriculum


  • Economics Foundations -- 2 credits
  • Accounting Foundations -- 2 credits
  • Mathematics Foundations -- 2 credits

**NOTE: Students may be exempted from each Foundation course with the appropriate academic background (i.e. two appropriate courses in the area for Economics, Accounting, and Math; One appropriate course in Statistics and IT; Undergraduate courses must be taken at an accredited institution, within the last 10 years with a grade of C or better.)

Waiver Exam Option for Foundation Courses



  • Managerial Economics -- 3 credits
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management -- 3 credits
  • Managerial Accounting -- 3 credits
  • Organizational Behavior -- 3 credits
  • Financial Management -- 3 credits
  • Marketing Management -- 3 credits
  • Strategic Management in a Global Economy -- 3 credits
  • Quantitative Methods* -- 3 credits

Recommended sequencing of the Quantitative courses is:
Managerial Economics, Managerial Accounting then Financial Management

*Quantitative Methods, choose one:

ECON 6560 Applied Econometrics
FINA 6160 Financial Derivatives
FINA 6165 Fixed Income Markets and Securities
MARK 6160 Marketing Research
BUAD 6160 Business Analytics Using Spreadsheets

**NOTE: Students may be exempted and/or waived from the Core courses only in fields in which they hold an undergraduate major, within the last 10 years. If the waiver or exemption is requested and approved, an elective is required to be taken in the same area and the number of total credits required will not be reduced or changed.



HEAL 6820 Health Care Program Development
HEAL 6841 Health Care Finance
HEAL 6846 Health Care Informatics
HEAL 6848 Health Care Policy
NURS 6000 Theoretical Foundation of Nursing
NURS 6007 Ethics in Health Care
NURS 6009 Creating Nursing Care Systems
NURS 6010 Nursing Research Design and Methodology
NURS 6852 Health Care Systems Leadership
NURS 6853 Health Care Systems Leadership Practicum

Both programs must be completed prior to receiving either the MBA or MSN degree. Upon completion of the first component (either business or nursing) you will transition to the second component of the joint program.