Why would I want to do both degrees at the same time?

Efficiencies are built into the joint program to maximize the student’s time and energy while providing thorough coverage in each area.

Do I have to get both degrees at the same time?

Yes. Because of the interconnected programs, a student must complete both degree programs before receiving either the MBA or MSN degree. Upon completion of the first component (either business or nursing) you will transition to the second component of the joint program.

How many credits can I save or double count?

If a student were to complete both the MBA and the MSN separately the total credits required would be 79-89 depending upon a student’s academic background. Doing the joint program reduces the credits to 54-60. Students are able to save 25-29 hours completing the programs together.

Can I use one application for both programs?

Unfortunately not. Students seeking admission to the joint program must apply separately to both the Graduate School of Management and the Graduate School. While the applications are similar they need to be complete for each program. You can use the same essay questions for both applications.

Do I need to pay the application fee twice?

No you don’t. You will pay the fee for the first application you complete and indicate on the second application that you have already paid the fee.

Are the tuition fees different for the two programs?

No. Tuition is paid on a per credit basis at the University’s graduate credit rate which is the same for both programs.

Will I have an advising?

You will be assigned an advisor in each program. It is suggested that you meet with your advisor in each program prior to registration each term.

Do I have to take an entrance exam?

Yes, the GMAT is required unless you qualify for a waiver.  See our waiver policy. You can use the GMAT for both programs so you don’t have to take more than one exam.

Can I attend the programs on a part-time basis?

Yes you can attend as either a full-time or part-time student. Please refer to the University Guidelines for completion time for graduate programs.