Common Non-Business Electives

COSC 1010 - Object-Oriented Programming (4 credits)

Introduction to programming using Java. Also includes an introduction to computer architecture, operating systems, and the object-oriented paradigm. Topics covered within the Java language form a subset of those covered by the level A advanced placement exam. No prior programming experience is assumed.

CRLS 1001 - Introduction to Criminology (3 credits)

Survey of recent trends in crime and delinquency. The nature of and societal reaction to criminal behavior. Personal and social factors in crime causation. Critical analysis of criminological theories as well as the operation of criminal justice agencies.

CRLS 2001 - Introduction to the Law (3 credits)

Legal concepts and classifications; legal philosophy, including the sources and nature and functions of law; legal methods; legal research; legal ethics; basic processes and judicial processes and procedures; the court system, state and federal.

PHIL 1000 - Logic (3 credits)

The goal of the course is to provide the student with an understanding of correct reasoning as it is employed in ordinary discourse.  To this end, the course will study topics such as:  terms and propositions, definition, opposition, induction and deduction, reasoning and argumentation, fallacies in argument.

PSYC 1001 - General Psychology (3 credits)

Introduction to scientific psychology; biological bases of behavior; perception; principles of learning; intelligence and personality testing; current theories of personality; conflict, adjustment and mental health; interpersonal relations; social processes; applications of psychological principles to human affairs.  Three hours of classroom instruction and one optional discussion hour for review of exams and special assistance with selected areas of course content.

POSC 2201 - American Politics (3 credits)

Problems of organizing and using governmental power at the national level.  The principles of the U.S. Constitution,  The Presidency, Congress and the federal judiciary.  Public opinion, elections, political parties and interest groups.  Issues of public policy.

POSC 2401 - Comparative Politics (3 credits)

Types of government, ranging from democratic to totalitarian.  The parliamentary alternative to presidential democracy.  Political modernization and revolution.

POSC 2601 - International Politics (3 credits)

Patterns of interaction among nations and subnational and supranational entities.  Cooperation and conflict.  National interest, elements of power and war.  Morality and human rights issues; economic, environmental, and resource issues in world politics.  Recent developments and their impact.

POSC 2801 - Justice and Power (3 credits)

The debate between ancients and moderns about the fundamental elements of political life; as seen in works by Plato, Aristotle, Machiavelli, and Hobbes.

SOCI 1001 - Principles of Sociology (3 credits)

An introductory survey of the discipline including social structures, social institutions, social differentiation and stratification, social power, the processes of human interactions, and methods of sociological investigation.

SOCI 2200 - The Family (3 credits)

The structure and function of family types including analysis of marital and parent-child relationships.  The relation of the family to other social institutions.  Changing patterns of relationships and structure in the family.

SOWJ 1001 - Introduction to Social Welfare and Justice (3 credits)

Introduction to social work, social welfare, victim services and justice, exploring the ethics, values and goals of social welfare and justice. Examination of historical and contemporary social problems and their relationship to social welfare policies, social work and justice. Observational assignments and service learning link the experiential to the theoretical.

Foreign Languages

If you wish to start a foreign language please enroll in one of the following classes.*

ARBC 1001- Elementary Arabic 1

CHNS 1001- Elementary Chinese 1

FREN 1001 - Elementary French 1

GRMN 1001- Elementary German 1

GREE 1001 - Elementary Greek 1

ITAL 1001 -  Elementary Italian 1

LATN 1001 - Elementary Latin 1

SPAN 1001 - Elementary Spanish 1

*If you are continuing a language and would like to register for a class beyond level 1001, please visit the Department of Languages, Literaturs and Cultures for course placement.

The College of Business does not require that any foreign language be taken unless you are an International Business major.