Fang Yao Stephen Hou, Ph.D., CACLS

Assistant Professor
Schroeder Complex 267
(414) 288-5848

Dr. Hou received training in medical technology/clinical laboratory science 25 years ago. The skills he acquired not only qualify him in providing laboratory data for disease diagnosis and management, but also helps him appreciate the wonders of our human body. As Job indicated in the Bible, our life and breath are in His Hand. He is very grateful to learn about the mysteries of life through working in this field. Dr. Hou treasures the opportunity to work with MU students, the future laboratory professionals, in various disciplines.

Currently, Dr. Hou teaches hematology, body fluids, and urine analysis to our juniors and seniors. They spend significant time in learning morphological features of blood cells. In addition, working with other faculties, the students have ample opportunities in learning multiple instruments.

Dr. Hou's research interest is in mucosal immunity. He is conducting projects looking at cells in saliva. His initial goal is to characterize immune cells in saliva using flow cytometry, microscopy and high content analysis. In the future, Dr. Hou is considering using saliva as a model system to study psychoneuroimmunology, an interdisciplinary science focusing on the interactions among the nervous system, behaviors, and immunity.


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