Clinical Laboratory Science Student

Students in Clinical Laboratory Science must fulfill the non-science requirements which are stated in the bulletin issued for the year they entered the university. They must fulfill the current science, mathematics and pre-senior clinical laboratory science course requirements in effect as prerequisites for their senior year. Candidates for the baccalaureate degree in Clinical Laboratory Science must complete a minimum of 128 credit hours including the following requirements:

Core Curriculum Requirements

Students majoring in Clinical Laboratory Science must complete a minimum of 37 semester hours of core curriculum requirements. The University Core of Common Studies (UCCS) curriculum is included in the Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) Core Curriculum requirements.

Core and Department Curriculum Requirements:

Requirements for a CLS Major

The following courses constitute the Clinical Laboratory Science major:

Required Cognates

BIOL 1001 General Biology 1 (3 credits)
BIOL 1002 General Biology 2 (3 credits)
BISC 2070 Biochemistry for Health Professionals (3 credits) or BISC 3213 Biochemistry (4 credits)
BISC 1015 Human Anatomy and Physiology (5 credits) or BISC 4145 Human Physiology (4 credits)
CHEM 1001 General Chemistry 1 (4 credits)
CHEM 1002 General Chemistry 2 (4 credits)
CHEM 2111 Organic Chemistry (4 credits)

Major Course Requirements

CLLS 2200 Concepts in Clinical Lab Medicine (3 credits)
CLLS 3124 Medical Bacteriology (4 credits)
CLLS 3127 Medical Microbiology (4 credits)
CLLS 3140 Laboratory Instrumentation (3 credits)
CLLS 3160 Molecular Diagnostics: Laboratory Techniques (3 credits)
CLLS 3173 Analytical and Clinical Chemistry (4 credits)
CLLS 3174 Clinical Hematology (4 credits)
CLLS 4180 Clinical Education Methods and Practicum (1 credit)
CLLS 4181 Modern Management Concepts for the Clinical Laboratory (1 credit)
CLLS 4183 Clinical Chemistry and Practicum (6 credits)
CLLS 4184 Clinical Hematology 2 & Practicum (4 credits)
CLLS 4185 Clinical Hemostasis & Practicum (3 credits)
CLLS 4186 Clinical Immunohematology & Practicum (6 credits)
CLLS 4187 Clinical Immunology and Serology & Practicum (2 credits)
CLLS 4188 Clinical Microbiology & Practicum (6 credits)
CLLS 4189 Clinical Urinology & Practicum (2 credits)
Electives 12 credits

Students may choose from any university offerings to earn a total of 12 credits. Upon arrival at Marquette University the student's adviser will work out a program that is best suited to the needs of the student. The science requirements are subject to revision.


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