Manresa Scholars



Annie Delisio

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Major: Biomedical Sciences
Service Site: Bread of Healing Clinic

In her own words: “I am looking for more involvement in service as I head into my final year at Marquette University. With the Manresa Scholars Program, I intend to immerse myself in the practice of service, including creating, developing, interacting and reflecting. I strive to empower individuals in a community setting and I am looking for a challenge…Participating in the Manresa Scholars will allow me to connect my faith with the service I do on a daily basis.”


Anna Feeley

Hometown: Fort Collins, CO
Major: Social Welfare and Justice and Sociology
Minor: Women & Gender studies
Service Site: St. Francis of Assisi Parish

In her own words: “By being a part of the Manresa Scholars Program, I want to be able to make the connections between my service and my faith, which are the two things I define myself by…I hope the Manresa Program can help me to keep an open mind and to look for challenges that will push me to become a better person.”


Nora Ivory

Hometown: Kensington, MD
Major: History and Psychology
Service Site: St. Michael Catholic Church

In her own words: “The Manresa Scholars Program provides not only the opportunity to help others but also receive guidance from a supportive staff that will help me discern my calling and more fully understand God’s work…with the help of the Manresa Scholars Program and God’s guidance, I hope to come closer to finding the answer to the burning question of how I will fulfill my mission to help others after graduation.”


Brian Mahoney

Hometown: Montgomery Village, MD
Major: International Affairs
Minor: French, Arabic
Service Site: St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

In his own words: “With the Manresa Scholars, I hope to reinforce and deepen my ability to interact—both directly and indirectly—with others in a way that recognizes and supports their humanity, and to create and partake in relationships that can serve as examples of God’s love. I hope to gain a further understanding of myself, my capabilities, and my interests to guide my future decisions.”


Aaron Owen

Hometown: DeForest, WI
Major: Biomedical Sciences
Minor: Ethics
Service Site: Casa Romero Renewal Center

In his own words: “While I am still far from certain as to my vocation, my time at Marquette has provided me the opportunity and environment to challenge me to question deeply and engage my spiritual life more fully. I have almost as few answers now as when I began, but my new questions are bigger and better than I ever could have imagined. This is what excites me about the Manresa Scholars Program. It builds an intentional community where those questions are meant to be addressed, not shied away from.”


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