Manresa Scholars


Manresa Scholars 2012-2013

The 2012-2013 Manresa Scholars explore and discern a call to Christian ministry and service through field experience placements in the Milwaukee community. This year, our Scholars are serving at St. Paulís Lutheran Church, Casa Romero Renewal Center, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, St. Michaelís Catholic Congregation, and Redeemer Lutheran Church.

Manresa Scholars 2012-13

2012-2013 Manresa Scholars:

Katharine Braunschweiger
Hometown: Wheaton, IL
Class: Senior
Major: Public Relations; Minor: Marketing

“Being a Manresa Scholar has and continues to help me take time during the week to intentionally reflection on my college experiences. As a senior I am unsure and a bit nervous of where I am being called to work post- grad and the Manresa Scholar's Program allows me to more deeply explore my passions such as youth development at my service placement.”

Lisa Cathelyn
Hometown: Geneseo, Illinois
Class: Senior
Major: Spanish; Minors: Theology, Women's and Gender Studies

“I'm grateful to be a Manresa Scholar, as it offers me the unique opportunity to reflect and learn about Ignatian spirituality, engage deeply in discerning my vocation in a tight-knit community, and ultimately live out my call to be a woman for and with others. My time at service placement has opened my eyes to the exciting possibilities within ministry, and I look forward to exploring them as a Manresa Scholar, learning about my own spirituality and how to authentically live out the radical Love of the Gospel.”

Devin Curda
Hometown: Bellevue, WA
Class: Senior
Major: Political Science

“By combining direct service with the study of Ignatian pedagogy, I hope to explore how faith and action interact with one another. Through reflection, I am excited for this group to form an intentional space where I can question and grow during my final year at Marquette.”

Sammie Paredes
Hometown: Waukegan, IL
Class: Senior
Major: Nursing; Minor: Music

“I'm participating in Manresa because I really want to break out of my bubble and be present to those in need outside of the Marquette community. The relationships I've formed so far are all very special and rewarding, and I think Manresa is the only place where I can be in such solidarity with others while still being a college student!”

Beth Turbak
Hometown: Woodbury, MN
Class: Senior
Major: Social Welfare & Justice and Spanish

“I am participating in Manresa Scholars to build community with some of the most inspiring people I have been blessed to know. We are able to travel this journey of discernment with one another.”


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