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Campus Ministry Retreat Leaders choose to take an active role in sharing their faith as they build a faith community on Marquette’s campus. For some, this is easy and something they have done in the past. For others, this may be their first experience of leading others within a faith context. The retreat director is supportive of this important student ministry and along with Campus Ministry in general providing students tools, training, and a supportive community which enables students to lead a retreat for their peers.

Retreat leaders come from a diverse population of students including different points in their faith journey, faith tradition, and experiences in faith and leadership backgrounds. There is no one “type” for Retreat Leader so please consider this opportunity, if you have been on a retreat this year and feel called to accompany others along their faith journey. Campus Ministry retreat leaders are committed to creating an open and welcoming space so their peers might have an experience of God.

In order to apply to become a retreat leader for 2014-2015, you must have attended a Campus Ministry retreat in the past. This does include such retreats as the Silent Directed Retreat and the Lenten Retreat in Daily Life along with any of our weekend, off-campus, student-led retreats.

2014-2015 Retreat Leader Commitments

Retreat Leaders commit to:

Retreat Program Timeline

The timeline for Retreat Leader selection in 2014 is:

Date Event
April 1 Retreat Leader Applications Open via Campus Ministry website
April 6 Interviews for Student Director Candidates
April 15 Retreat Leader Applications Close
April 13 Student Directors required to attend MU Leadership Institute; Retreat Leader candidates encouraged to do so, too
May 2 Retreat Leaders Notified

For any questions or for further information, contact Campus Ministry, AMU 236.


Campus Ministry

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