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January 11-16, 2016

Seeking to grow your relationship with God? Come to the quiet on the Silent Directed Retreat. This retreat invites people to leave the busyness and noise of campus behind, enter into deep quiet, and there encounter the voice of God. This six day silent retreat is based on the retreat model offered by St. Ignatius of Loyola in the Spiritual Exercises. Along with daily meetings with a spiritual director to help process and guide the retreat, individuals will have freedom in forming the overall pattern of his or her retreat. As a silent, individual retreat, there are plenty of opportunities for personal prayer, reflection, rest, and time outdoors. Communal prayer and worship opportunities will also be available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why go on a silent retreat?
A silent retreat is a great way to reconnect with God. It is an opportunity outside of our everyday life that gives us time to rest in Godís love, to understand more deeply who we are, and who God is calling us to be. For those who are discerning their path, desiring to be closer to God, looking for rest, wanting to be connected with other in prayer, this retreat is for you.

What happens on a silent retreat? Is it hard not to talk?
ďI donít think I could go for that long without talking!Ē Many people think this when they hear about a silent retreat. The reality is that it isnít as hard as you think. And you donít go the whole time without talking ever. Each day has a rhythm. There is time for quiet, for prayer, for walking outside and there is time to speak with your spiritual director, gather for spoken and shared prayer, and, as always, there is conversation with God. We do not always realize how much our life is filled with noise, thoughts, and busy-ness. Silence makes room for listening, for response, for contemplation. The truth is that many find the initial entrance into quiet to be quite noisy since the train of inner chatter takes some time to calm down.

What is a spiritual director/spiritual direction?
A spiritual director is someone who is trained and able to offer guidance and companionship to someone who is seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationship with God. Spiritual direction can help us to pay more attention to how God is speaking to us and how we are responding to God.

For more general and in-depth information about spiritual direction, please visit the Ignatian Spirituality website.

What should I bring?

There will be many opportunities to be outside during the week, in fact daily exercise is recommended, so plan to dress for the weather, including coats, hats, gloves, and comfortable walking shoes/boots.

Your retreat fee covers the cost of transportation to and from the retreat center, as well as meals during the retreat.

Each person will have an individual room, with men's and women's restrooms and showers on each floor. Bedding, pillows, and towels are provided.

Other items to pack:

Open to:
Sophomore through Senior students, Graduate students, and Marquette faculty & staff.

The retreat is scheduled in January during the last week of winter break (January 5-10, 2015). Meet on campus on Monday afternoon and return to Marquette by late afternoon Saturday.

$125 for All Undergraduate and Graduate Students
$200 for Faculty and Staff

Redemptorist Retreat Center
1800 North Timber Trail Lane
Ocononmowoc, WI 53066

For any questions or for further information:

Stop by the Campus Ministry office in AMU 236
(414) 288-6873


Campus Ministry

The office of Campus Ministry is located in room 236 of the Alumni Memorial Union. A dedicated staff is available throughout the day to provide you with a wealth of information. If you are searching for a worship space, they can help you find a suitable space on or off campus. They can also inform you of the many service opportunities we offer. Read More ...