In order to prepare spiritually, mentally, and physically for the trip to Cuba, there are mandatory meetings for all participants. All participants are expected to attend all meetings in their entirety. Meetings are schedule at times that best suit the participants, so every measure is made to accommodate the group. This preparation becomes important not only for your own personal readiness for the trip but also for the development and trust of community. If you are not able to attend every meeting in their entirety, then you are advised not to apply.


Each individual is responsible for the $2000 cost of the trip. The first down-payment of $200 is due upon acceptance into the program. The 2nd payment of $1000 is due by November 1, 2017. The final payment of $800 is due by December 1, 2017. There is no scholarship or financial aid available.


We are asking all students considering the IMAP program to discern their level of commitment and their ability to pay or find means to afford the trip. We often describe IMAP as a program and not a trip, therefore you are accepting all parts of the program along with the trip to Cuba. This includes living and traveling simply (no cell phones, music, or cell use for photos) and packing with minimal items. We ask you to be committed to all parts of the program. We are trying to immerse ourselves into the community and living within simple means to help understand more those we are walking with. Our focus is immersion and not tourism.

Finally, all participants will be subject to two conduct reviews, one upon applying and one close to the trip dates. All participants in IMAP must remain in good standing with the University to participate in this program.

To apply for I.M.A.P. - Cuba, click here.


Campus Ministry

The office of Campus Ministry is located in room 236 of the Alumni Memorial Union. A dedicated staff is available throughout the day to provide you with a wealth of information. If you are searching for a worship space, they can help you find a suitable space on or off campus. They can also inform you of the many service opportunities we offer. Read More ...