Subcommittee on Academic Affairs

Approved Minutes of the Meeting on 12 September 2002


1. The meeting began at approximately 2:00 p.m. with Margaret Bull, Joe

Collins (Chair), Scott Dale, Ed Fallone, Deb Krajec, Bob Stango, and Mike

Schilke  attending.


2. Minutes of the meeting of April 29th were unanimously approved.


3. The only agenda item discussed was Program elimination. Schilke reviewed

past and current SAA activity. The Draft Policy (4/15/02) on Program

Elimination, B. 3. d. was discussed. Specifically, which factors,

consistent with the stated mission of Marquette University, should be

considered in the program elimination decision? The following factors were


     --financial, including clear dialogue between units and the

administration regarding finances and their effects on other programs, open

to faculty discussion

     --Jesuit mission, community need, public need;

     --infrastructure between units;

     --open communication between people involved;

     --openness to have a program eliminated and/or evaluated;

     --expect that the process leading to a final decision be based on a

consideration of all relevant factors (need correct, good data);

     --the same care and consideration used in proposing a program should

be the same as that used in eliminating a program;

            Note: above two factors to be part of the preamble which Bull,

Fallone, and Schilke agreed to work on

     --flowchart may be helpful in showing the process leading to program

elimination (to be part of the appendix which Stango agreed to work on);

     --these guidelines need to be applied across the board: college,

department, and administration;

     --funding resources for a unit in light of financial resources

available need to be looked at;

     --could advocate program suspension. Pros and cons were noted (SAA

appears to be not in favor.)


3. Collins asked SAA members to poll their faculty and bring to the next

meeting any issues regarding core curriculum and/or assessment.


4. No other topics for SAA consideration were identified at this time.


5. The next meeting will be 17 October.


6.  The meeting was adjourned shortly after 3:00 p.m.


Minutes submitted by Michael Schilke (Library).