Subcommittee on Academic Affairs

Meeting of April 22, 2004

                                                            (as amended)



Present:  Larry Nosse, Steven Taylor, Michael Schilke, Andris Jaunberzins, Ed Fallone, Sandra Ramey and Debra Krajec


The minutes of the meeting of March 25, 2004 were reviewed.  The minutes were approved subject to the correction of several typos.


Discussion turned to the draft report on salary determination issues circulated prior to the meeting.  There was some concern over the overall tone of the draft.  It was agreed to make some minor changes.  There was also a discussion of the subcommittee’s proposed solutions to the current process, especially the possible content of an appeals procedure.  Some consideration was given to having an ombudsperson fulfill the role of hearing appeals.


In general, the consensus was to make the draft more concise and more dispassionate.  The report should tie into the subcommittee’s general push to have important departmental procedures written down.  SAA members should email suggestions to Ed Fallone by August 30, and he will make appropriate revisions.  The goal is to have a second draft available by late August.


SAA members were also asked to respond to Ed Fallone via email concerning the OSRP draft survey circulated in advance of the meeting.


At 1 pm Dr. Doug Day joined the meeting.  He introduced himself and discussed the areas of University administration under his jurisdiction.  He discussed the idea of a Planning Council.  He also reported that unit planning was well under way with the RCM (Responsibility Based Management) process.  In general, he is open to any ideas that contribute to building a greater Marquette.


The members of the subcommittee discussed the efforts of the SAA.  In particular, they underlined the values of uniformity, transparency and faculty input in decisionmaking.


Ed Fallone agreed to provide Dr. Day with a copy of the SAA Report on Program Elimination and to keep Dr. Day informed on items on the SAA radar screen.