Subcommittee on Academic Affairs

Meeting of September 8, 2004



Present: Larry Nosse, Steven Taylor, Michael Schilke, Robert Stango, William Pink, Susan Lamon, Debra Krejec, Edward Fallone, Sandra Ramey. Absent: Dale Scott, Andris Jaunberzins.


The minutes of the meeting of April 22, 2004 were reviewed. Minor amendments were made to clarify use of the acronym RCM (Responsibly Centered Management) and the 3rd sentence, second paragraph with subsequent approval of the minutes.


The SAA web page was discussed. Edward Fallone discussed the need for updating the site.  IT consultation will be sought and Larry Nosse volunteered to assist with the process.


Meeting dates and times for the SAA were established.  The SAA will meet October 13 and November 17, 2004 from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Law School.


The 2nd draft of the salary determination memo was reviewed.  The goal of the SAA is to submit the document to the COF by the end of October 2004 to facilitate review prior to the 2004-05-salary determination process.  Discussion ensued regarding the clarity of the memo and past instances of salary equalization.  Consensus was reached that concerns reflected in the current memo about lack of faculty input, transparency, advance notice etc. also apply to other situations when a sum of money is available for allocation. Examples include gender equity allocations and other equalization sums that may become available.  The relevance of the Faculty Activity Report (FAR) to the salary determination process was discussed.  The SAA will explore the commonalities and differences of the FAR and how the report captures the contributions of faculty and key activities throughout the year.  SAA members will compare the FAR from their respective areas and add language to the memo about the FAR and its utility for merit determination.  Consensus was reached that faculty input in the salary determination process include written documentation that the faculty prepare.  Sub-section C of the memo was reviewed and discussed.  The term “Uniform Guidelines” will now read “Uniform Procedures.”  Edward Fallone asked SAA members to consider the following for the next meeting:

  • the value of making statistical data regarding salary distribution available to faculty
  • the implications of various time periods for a merit raise e.g. 1 year, 3 years.
  • the time frame for completion of faculty interviews realizing contracts are currently offered in March.
  • The appeal procedure currently reflected in the memo (located under Proposed Solutions, Section 3).

Future SAA agenda items will be established at the October 13th meeting.