Marquette University
 Subcommittee on Academic Affairs

TO: Peter Jones
 Chair, Committee on Faculty

FROM: Joe Collins

DATE: 8 December 1999

SUBJECT: Distance Learning Statement

 The Subcommittee on Academic Affairs is forwarding a revised Distance Learning Statement to the Committee on Faculty for its approval.  This statement contains both a Mission association and guidelines for implementation within the diverse Marquette community.  Special note to Web readers:  This statement is not to be considered as Marquette policy; rather, it is a recommendation for possible adoption by the COF as their recommendation with subsequent submission to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs for their consideration.  This Distance Learning Statement was approved unanimously by the SAA.


    Distance learning is defined as instruction where for at least 80% of class time teacher and students do not meet face to face but are connected through one or more of the following technologies: e-mail, real time chat rooms, computer conferencing or message boards, online websites and/or courseware packages, two-way video conferencing, audio conferencing, one-way video broadcasting. While campus classes may utilize any one of these technologies to some extent this statement addresses classes which are conducted primarily or entirely at a distance.

We believe that distance learning courses can be an important way to carry out Marquette's mission by:

     To remain consistent with Marquette's mission, we believe that any course or program utilizing distance learning needs to follow these guidelines: