Past and Present Leaders

Journalism education at Marquette University has had many outstanding leaders at the helm. This tradition began with the programís founding director and visionary former journalist, John Copus, S.J., who served for the first five years until his death in 1915.

John Danihy, S.J., succeeded Copus as director, and the next year became the first dean of the College of Journalism. Danihy served until 1928, when he was transferred to St. Maryís College in Kansas to occupy a similar post. Jeremiah L. OíSullivan, one of the first four students to earn a journalism degree at Marquette, returned to serve as dean after Danihy's departure, and stayed in that job for more than two decades.


Future deans would include George Reedy (former White House press secretary under President Lyndon B. Johnson), Clifford L. Helbert, Donald J. McDonald, James Scotton, Sharon Murphy and Bill Elliott. During Murphy's tenure, the college merged to become the College of Communication, Journalism and Performing Arts.


In 1994, the name of the college was shortened to the College of Communication. Ana Garner served as acting dean before the appointment of John Pauly in 2006. When Pauly was promoted to university provost in 2008, Lynn Turner served as interm dean before current dean Lori Bergen was appointed in 2009.