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The History of Journalism at Marquette

Inside Johnston Hall

A look inside the hub of our Journalism department.

Six alumni profiles

Six Alumni Profiles

Slideshow examining profiles of six Marquette Journalism alums.

Technology:Then and Now

Technology: Then and Now

An evolution of news production technology over the past century.

The Marquette Journal

The Marquette Journal: A Timeline

A look at the evolution of student-produced magazine, The Marquette Journal.

Marquette Hilltop

The Hilltop: A History

A look at the historical Hilltop yearbook publication.

Student Media behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes: Student Media

An inside look at Marquette student media.

Interview with Susan Mountin

Women in Journalism at Marquette

Alum Susan Mountin on the history women in the Journalism program.

Diversity in Journalism

Diversity in Journalism

An interview with journalists James Causey and Ron Smith.

The Letter: John Casserly

The Letter: John Casserly

A 1971 letter by journalism alum John Casserly describes his adventures in the field.