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  1. How do I sign up to receive my W-2 form only electronically?
    You may provide consent to no longer receive a printed form W-2 via MyJob - Employee Self Service. Refer to the W-2 information page for additional information and detailed instructions PDF Icon.

  2. Will I automatically get electronic W-2 forms?
    Yes, the default settings are to provide W-2s in both print and electronic formats.

  3. When will I have access to my electronic W-2?
    The W-2 forms must be available to you by the IRS deadline (January 31 or the next business day). However, electronic W-2s will generally be posted online earlier than the paper forms will be mailed.

  4. How do I access my electronic W-2 form?
    Log in to MyJob - Employee Self Service, choose Personal Actions and View/Print Employee W-2.

  5. What are the advantages of paperless W-2 forms?
    The advantages of no longer printing your W-2 form include:

    • Security: more effectively protecting confidential W-2 information
    • Efficiency: avoiding the delays and errors that can occur with traditional postal delivery
    • Earlier access: electronic copies will be available earlier than the paper forms will be mailed
    • Convenience: access to view and print copies of your W-2 as often as needed
    • Sustainability: preserves natural resources
    • Cost Savings: reduced printing and mailing costs
  6. How are my electronic W-2 forms secured?
    Access to your W-2 information via MyJob - Employee Self Service is protected by your eMarq username and password. In addition, the W-2 form is securely transmitted using encryption when accessed from MyJob.

  7. Will I receive confirmation of my consent to receive electronic W-2 forms?
    Yes, when completed, employees will receive a notification in MyJob confirming the change was made.

  8. Do I have to submit my consent each year to keep receiving my W-2 electronically?
    No. Your consent for the paperless W-2 delivery will remain in effect until you withdraw the consent, separation from the university, or if this service is not supported in a future tax year.

  9. How do I cancel my consent for paperless W-2 delivery?
    Employees may withdraw consent at any time via either of the two methods listed below. If consent is withdrawn it will be effective on the date it is received and will only be effective for the W-2 statements not yet issued.

    • Preferred: Log in to MyJob - Employee Self Service. Go to Personal Actions, W2 Printing Options, and change the Paper document type from No to Yes. When completed, employees will receive a notification in MyJob confirming the change was made.

    • Alternate: Submit a written request to the Payroll Manager via email (, or via campus or postal mail to: Marquette University, Payroll Department, Straz Tower Room 175, PO Box 1881, Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881. Confirmation of the withdrawal will also be in writing (electronically or on paper).
  10. I printed my W-2 form but cannot find it. Can I print it again?
    Yes, you may view and print your electronic W-2 as often as you want, at your convenience.

  11. When I click on the link to my W-2, the document does not open.
    Make sure your web browser's pop-up blocker is turned off for the MyJob website. Contact the IT Services Help Desk for further assistance.

Visit the W-2 information page


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