Transferring College Coursework

Students who have earned credit for college course work are encouraged to submit official transcripts to Marquette for review. Typically, courses will transfer provided Marquette offers a comparable course and the student has earned a grade of "C" or better.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The College Level Exam Program (CLEP), which is sponsored by The College Board, is the most widely accepted credit-by-examination program in the United States. CLEP is a series of 90-minute computer-based examinations that allow students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of subject areas. CLEP tests allow students to demonstrate knowledge of a subject equivalent to that of college students who have satisfactorily completed a college course in that subject. Recent high school graduates, as well as those who have acquired knowledge in ways other than through formal classroom attendance, may benefit from these tests.

CLEP credits are granted only for those approved subject examinations listed below. Credits are approved by the respective faculty, dean, or director. Credit will be designated as earned by CLEP on the permanent record and indicated as an "S" grade (satisfactory), and will not affect the student's quality point average. The maximum number of credits that students can earn through CLEP examination is 30.

Approved CLEP Subject Examinations and Acceptable Scores

Subject Examination and
Required Scaled Score

Marquette Equivalent Course and Hours of Credit Awarded

  • General Biology - 60
  • BIOL 1001: General Biology 1* (SN) and BIOL 1002: General Biology 2 - 6 Credits
  • General Biology - 50
  • BIOL 1009: Biology for Non-Science Majors - 3 Credits
  • General Chemistry - 50
  • CHEM 1001: General Chemistry 1* (SN) and CHEM 1002: General Chemistry 2* (SN) - 8 Credits
  • Analysis & Interpretation of Literature - 50
  • Sophomore Literature* (LPA) -
    3 Credits
  • American Literature - 50
  • Sophomore Literature* (LPA) -
    3 Credits
  • English Literature - 50
  • Sophomore Literature* (LPA) -
    3 Credits
  • Western Civilization 1 - 60
  • HIST 1001: Growth of Western Civilization 1* (HCS) -
    3 Credits
  • Western Civilization 2 - 60
  • HIST 1002: Growth of Western Civilization 2* (HCS) -
    3 Credits
  • History of the U.S. 1 - 55
  • HIST 2101: Growth of the American Nation 1 - 3 Credits
  • History of the U.S. 2 - 55
  • HIST 2101: Growth of the American Nation 1 - 3 Credits
  • Information Systems & Computer Applications - 55
  • COSC 1000: Intro. to Computer Science* (MR) - 3 Credits
  • College Algebra - 55
  • MATH 1100: College Algebra -
    3 Credits
  • Calculus With Elementary Functions - 55
  • MATH 1450: Calculus 1* (MR) -
    4 Credits
  • American Government - 50
  • POSC 2201: American Politics* (ISB) - 3 Credits
  • Introduction to Psychology 1 - 55
  • PSYC 1001: General Psychology* (ISB) - 3 Credits
  • Introduction to Sociology - 50
  • SOCI 1001: Principles of Sociology* (ISB) - 3 Credits

NOTE: The score reported on CLEP reports is the scaled score, not the percentile.

* = Coursework granted that fulfills knowledge areas with University of Common Core Studies (UCCS) requirements.

Marquette credit is not granted for any of the five general examinations: English Composition, Humanities, College Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and/or Social Sciences & History.

The Application/Registration Process

You will need to complete the Registration/Admissions form in the CLEP Information for Candidates packet, print a copy of the registration form from CLEP's website ( and mail it to your test center, or register online at the institution that you will be taking your examination(s) (e.g., For UW-Milwaukee, go to To have your score sent to Marquette University, enter 1448 in item 27 "Score Recipient" on the registration form.

The cost is $77.00 per examination. You may pay by credit card (preferred method of payment) or check or money order payable to CLEP on the day of the exam. In addition, most test centers charge a non-refundable administration/service fee directly payable to the institution. The College Board recommends a fee of $15.00; however, each test center establishes its own policies and may charge a different amount (e.g., UWM requires a $25.00 administration fee). Contact the test site regarding payment arrangements.

CLEP Testing Centers

Marquette is not a CLEP testing center. To find out when and where tests will be administered, contact the CLEP computer-based testing center in your area. You will want to obtain that center's code number. Some area test centers include:

Wisconsin Testing Centers:

    • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 414-229-5277
    • University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, 920-424-1432
    • University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, 262-472-5613
    • University of Phoenix (Brookfield), 262-758-0608
    • Gateway Technical College (Kenosha), 262-564-2510

Illinois Testing Centers:

    • College of Lake County-Lakeshore (Waukegan), 847-543-2121
    • Rock Valley College (Rockford), 815-921-2380

You can check for other area testing locations at

Preparing for your CLEP Exam(s)

To prepare for your CLEP exams, consider using The Official Study Guide for CLEP examinations. This study guide tells you how the CLEP program works and lets you see what the examinations are like. The cost for the study guide is $24.95. In this guide you will find:

  • General information about the CLEP credit by examination process
  • Complete descriptions of all CLEP examinations and sample questions and answers on which to test yourself
  • Advice on preparing for the examinations, including test-taking strategies and resource information

A copy may be purchased through CLEP or at local bookstores. Copies of older CLEP study guides and a CD-ROM are also on reserve in the Marquette University Memorial Library.

Become familiar with the computer-based format of CLEP exams and practice answering different question types. The CLEP Sampler can be downloaded free of charge from the website and provides a demo of the CLEP software before your exam. Students can practice using software tools, and review question types and their instructions. The Sampler does not contain practice questions. Also be sure to visit the College Board/CLEP website for individual subject study guides which can be downloaded for $10.00 each.

Obtaining Your Test Scores and Transcript

Candidates will receive an unofficial copy of their score on the test date. An official copy will be mailed to the institution of their choice in approximately two weeks by CLEP. If you want your scores sent to a college, employer, or certifying agency, you must select this option through the examination software. The service is free of charge only if you select your score recipient at the time you test. If a student does not indicate a score recipient institution at the time of testing, he or she can request scores by ordering a CLEP transcript for a $20.00 fee. The transcript is a cumulative score report of all the CLEP exams a student has taken and the scores he or she has earned over the past 20 years. To have your test score(s) sent to Marquette University, enter 1448 in item 27 "Score Recipient" on the registration form.

General information on CLEP may be obtained from The College Board,
45 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 10023-6992
Website: http:/

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