Master's in dispute resolution

(Note: Applications are not currently being accepted for master's in dispute resolution.)

The master's program trains professionals, primarily those in law, health care, education and business, to practice as third-party neutrals in dispute resolution or be knowledgeable participants in the dispute resolution process.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

    • Mediate a case with multiple parties and multiple issues
    • Apply ethical standards in mediation
    • Address the emotional component of a dispute
    • Demonstrate research competence in the area of dispute resolution



Flexible scheduling

Courses are held Friday evenings and Saturdays so they're available when you are. You can complete the entire program on a part- or full-time basis.

Nationally recognized and experienced faculty

Study with superior faculty who are leaders in their fields, including law professors and practicing lawyers.

Marquette also offers a graduate certificate program in dispute resolution.

  • Julie O'Halloran

    Student - Master's in Dispute Resolution
    Attorney, Gagne & O'Halloran

    "The program's approach is practical, multi-disciplinary and global. I have learned to be more patient, open-minded and understanding in order to deal with conflict in a way that will create solutions and add value."

  • Kathleen A. Rinehart

    Master's in Dispute Resolution '12
    Attorney, Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek, S.C., Milwaukee

    "Marquette's superb faculty are leaders in their fields, and the courses and program materials require me to think creatively and critically. I know my degree will set me apart as a professional equipped to lead and assist others in resolving a variety of personal and professional disputes."

  • Barb Walbrink

    Master's in Dispute Resolution '08
    Subrogation Major Case Specialist, Traveler's Insurance, Milwaukee

    "Marquette's curriculum provides the skills one needs to competently navigate the dispute resolution field. Simply put, if this field, in its many applications, is of interest, Marquette's program is the one to consider."

  • Jeff Micklitz

    Master's in Dispute Resolution '11
    Lieutenant of Detectives - City of Milwaukee Police Department
    Graduate from the 227th Session of the FBI National Academy

    "Marquette's commitment to the community was what brought me in. The Master's Program in Dispute Resolution is cutting edge and has proven invaluable to me. I have been able to apply what I've learned to resolve workplace disputes, as well as disputes within our community."


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