Note: The Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice Administration is unavailable at this time. However, please visit the Graduate Certificate in Leadership Studies.

Who is it for?

This fully online certificate is a graduate program designed for officers in law enforcement, corrections or probation and those who interact with criminal justice professionals. The program offers an opportunity for students to strengthen their leadership and management skills in order to better serve their departments and their communities while opening the door to career advancement.

Students completing the graduate certificate program may apply all 15 credits earned to a master's degree in public service or leadership studies with a specialization in criminal justice administration.

"My educational experience has allowed me the ability to make a difference in the community, with individuals, and within my career. It created a network with law enforcement professionals to share ideas so that the public is better served."

Alex Ramirez, Police Lieutenant, Milwaukee Police Department
Graduate Certificate in Law Enforcement Leadership and Management '09, Master's in Public Service '09

Learning Outcomes

Behave in a way that demonstrates understanding of the issues and ramifications of current and anticipated policies in criminal justice.

Exercise independent, analytical thought consistent with the needs of a democratic society.

Demonstrate the cultural and communication skills necessary to interact in a reciprocal exchange that honors the human dignity of all persons.

Act as leaders with integrity, who are able to work collaboratively with others to work toward resolution of criminal justice issues.

"Higher education plays a pivotal role in law enforcement. The three members of the Menomonee Falls Police Department who have furthered their education as graduates of the Marquette College of Professional Studies have gained knowledge and confidence, confirming the decision to promote them."

Chief Anna M. Ruzinski, Menomonee Falls Police Department


To earn the certificate students will complete the five required courses (15 graduate credit hours). As of Fall 2013, students will complete a reflection paper during the last semester of coursework.

Students spend an average of 12-14 hours a week on course work for every three-credit course.

On average, students complete the program in one to two years. The certificate must be completed within three years.

After completing the graduate certificate program, you may choose to apply all 15 credits earned to Marquette's master of arts in public service or master in leadership studies degree.

Class No. Class Title Credit Hours
CJAD 6510 Policies in Policing
3 credit hours
CJAD 6511 Legal Issues in Law Enforcement
3 credit hours
PUBS 6571 Economics and Budgeting of Policing
3 credit hours
PUBS 6581 Police Leadership and Ethics
3 credit hours
  One Elective 3 credit hours
* Reflective Paper due during last semester of coursework.


CJAD 6510 - Policies in Policing - 3 credit hours

Examines contemporary policy making processes adopted by federal, state, and local police agencies. In-depth analysis of the most critical policies police administrators must consider. Policies include: recruitment, selection, and promotion of personnel, use of force, emergency vehicle operations, accreditation, discretion and training.

CJAD 6511 - Legal Issues in Law Enforcement - 3 credit hours

Focuses on risk management principles and legal responsibilities of law enforcement administrators with the intent of minimizing civil liabilities. Examines constitutional issues, Supreme court case decisions, Fair Labor Standards Act, Family Leave and Medical Act, workplace harassment issues, management rights, contracts, internal investigations and the disciplinary process.

PUBS 6571 - Economics and Budgeting of Policing - 3 credit hours

Examination of finance and budgeting concerns, economics and fiscal oversight in a law enforcement agency. Great emphasis on the role of a chief executive of a law enforcement agency as related to budget preparation, submission, operation and tracking.

PUBS 6581 - Police Leadership and Ethics - 3 credit hours

Analyzes contemporary theories of law enforcement leadership with an emphasis on the application of those leadership concepts through the use of case studies and by the analysis of current leadership situations in a law enforcement agency. Strongly focuses on ethics, as the ethical conduct of police leaders greatly determines the ethical conduct of the agency as a whole.

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Heather Wurth

Graduate Certificate '07, Master's in Public Service '09,
Police Lieutenant, Milwaukee Police Department

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