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Campus Recruiting / Internships & Full-Time

Each semester more than 200 employers visit the Career Services Center to interview students for full-time employment and internships.

These employers represent business, industry, and government. Employers from education, health, social services, publishing, advertising and related fields participate to a lesser extent in campus recruiting. These employers often recruit students through traditional job postings, career fairs, resume referral and internships.

Students in all fields are encouraged to utilize MU Career Manager in their job and internship search. Employers all over the country post internships and full-time positions on this system because they are interested in hiring a MU student.

Interview Dates:
First semester: September-November
Second semester: February-April

Check out who is coming to campus this semester by logging onto MU Career Manager

You MUST be a current MU student and be registered in MU Career Manager in order to participate in the
on-campus interviewing program. Please note our strict no-show policy for on-campus interviewing.

Requesting On-Campus Interview Schedules

After a student has registered and updated their profile, resume and other career-related documents (optional) on MU Career Manager, they are eligible to sign-up for on-campus interview schedules with companies scheduled to visit Marquette University.  To sign up for an interview schedule, a student must be qualified for each interview based on criteria such as major, graduation date, GPA, etc.

Please note a student may not meet the qualifications of an employer by being over-qualified, not being in the educational major the employer is seeking, graduating outside of the dates an employer is seeking, or by not being a US citizen or permanent resident. The Career Services Center staff communicates very thoroughly with the recruiting representatives prior to the interview visit to provide the exact employer requirements. If you think that you are qualified, but MU Career Manager doesn't allow you to sign-up, please contact the Career Services Center for a possible exception.

Searching for On-Campus Interview Schedules

  • A student can search for companies scheduled to visit campus and scheduled interview dates by:
  • Highlighting the [ON CAMPUS INTERVIEW SCHEDULES] menu at the top of the MU Career Manager website. 
  • By clicking on [Qualified Schedules] a student can view all the upcoming interviews that has an open resume submission period and the student is qualified for. 
  • By clicking on [Future Schedules] a student can view all future interviews, both Qualifying and Non-Qualifying, as well as interviews whose request dates may not yet be open. 

Viewing & Applying for a Qualified Schedule

A student can access a schedule profile by clicking on the Schedule ID or the Job Title in the search results page. 

Preselect Schedules (Step One):  Request an Interview

  • If a student would like to submit a resume for interview consideration, he/she must click the [Request Interview] button in RED at the top left hand side of the screen.
  • When the [Request Interview] button is clicked, the student will be able to select the documents he/she wishes to submit.  A student is able to do this through the Document Selection window.  (Note: All documents to be submitted must first be uploaded onto the Student Profile prior to submitting a schedule request.)  When the student has selected the documents they wish to submit to the specific company/recruiter, he/she should click the [Save] button to submit his/her information.  The student will then receive a confirmation message.
  • The candidate information and resumes are then reviewed by the recruiter, who will select the student candidates they wish to invite to sign up for an on-campus interview.  Students will receive an e-mail notification when the employer has made their decisions. (Accepted or not accepted for an interview)
  • Students will know it is a preselect schedule when the “Current Sign Up Method” is listed as “Resume Submission Period Open”

Preselect Schedules (Step Two):  Accepted & Alternate Candidates Interview Timeslot Sign-Up

  • When a student is Accepted to interview, he/she must follow the same sign-up procedures as an Open schedule. 
  • He/she can sign-up when the First Come, First Serve sign-up date begins.  Students may change the documents that they submitted when they requested to be interviewed.
  • Alternate candidates may sign-up for timeslots when the Alternate sign-up date begins (if applicable).

Open Schedules:  Sign-Up

  • To access the interview sessions that are available for that schedule, a student must click the [Sign-up] button in RED at the top of the schedule profile.
  • When a student clicks on the Sign-up button, the Sessions section of the schedule profile is displayed.  To view the available timeslots for a session, a student must click on the interview date link.
  • To sign-up for an interview time, a student must click the [Sign-Up] link under the Action column.  When the Sign-up link is clicked, the student will be able to select the documents he/she wishes to submit.  A student is able to do this through the Document Selection window.  (Note: All documents to be submitted must first be uploaded onto the Student Profile prior to submitting a schedule request.)  The student will then receive a confirmation message.

Need Assistance?

  • Stop in during our drop-in hours Monday-Friday, 12pm-2pm to speak to a trained Career Intern if you have questions on how to register on MU Career Manager, how to sign up for interviews and how to apply for jobs.  You can also make an appointment with one of our full time Career Counselors by stopping in our office (Holthusen Hall, First floor) or by calling our office at 414-288-7423. 

Special Groups
Campus recruiting is only one recruiting tool used by employers. Students must also utilize a variety of other job search strategies to ensure finding employment.

  1. Public accounting firms do most of their interviewing in the fall. (December, May and August graduates should all interview during fall semester.)
  2. Co-op interviews in the College of Engineering are coordinated through the co-op office. Most of those interviews are held in the Career Services Center.
  3. Internship interviews are held during the fall and spring recruiting seasons and are also coordinated by the Career Center. Undergrads are encouraged to watch for publicity about these opportunities and to attend orientation sessions as well.