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ALUMNI Services

General Job Search Assistance
Individual counseling is available by appointment concerning all areas of job search. Individual appointments are limited to three one-hour sessions. Call to schedule an appointment.

Topics include:

  1. Career Counseling, Job Search, and Finding Internships
  2. Graduate and Professional School Assistance
  3. Write your Resume and Cover Letters
  4. Search Job Vacancy Openings (Full-time & Internships) Listings
  5. Sell Yourself in the Interview
  6. Handshake

Access to most of our resources can be found online through The Kimberly-Clark Online Career Library


How does the job search for alumni differ from the job search for students?

The job search for both alumni and students is similar in many ways, especially for alumni who have only been out of school one to five years. For those more seasoned alums, there are further things that can be done. However, all job searches contain some important basic elements.

Students are conducting job search because they are just graduating and therefore, don't have to explain why they are looking for a job — including having quit, been laid off, or terminated. Hopefully, students have had an internship or some career-related experience and are competitive in their field of study. They can participate in on-campus interviewing or apply for positions listed on Handshake. So there are some built-in options for students. In addition, they should check the papers, databases, websites, publications, and professional journals for job vacancies. However, since 75% of jobs are attained through networking, a student is wise to network (using his or her own family, friends, acquaintances, professors, etc.)

Career Coaching


The Center for Life Transitions, Inc.

Transition Counseling/Coaching is a combination of therapy, advising, teaching and guidance which promotes intelligent decisions and goal accomplishment. Exploring spirituality/faith can be important in this transition process. Richard Bolles, author of What Color is your Parachute advises that “when you are in transition and you have an old faith hanging in the closet, it’s a good time to bring it out and dust it off.”

Life is about facing and managing change. People at crossroads need a vision—and useful language to describe career and life objectives. They also require effective strategies for presenting themselves in the marketplace and communicating how their strengths/gifts/skills make a difference for an employer.

Participants in the Career/Job Transition Counseling/Coaching Package will use a variety of means to engage personal and career transition issues, while receiving support and guidance from a trusted expert.

For more information or to schedule a pre-registration consultation contact Dr. Tom Bachhuber at tom@centerforlifetransitions.net or call (414) 394-9347

Transition Work

If your career transition is leading you to consider options in other career fields or to a path different from your past, the Marquette University Career Services Center endorses Transition Work. The Transition Work creative model is designed around career change from the inside out, first defining and expanding who you are and what you want before dredging through the visible job market hoping to snag something worthy of your risk.

Registration for Individual Services requires a free 15-minute phone consultation to establish scope of services and payment agreement. A typical arrangement will include four sessions at $150 each. These will include a comprehensive intake, career and personality assessments, options for achieving goals, individual activities, and follow up visits.

Additional services are available for those desiring more assistance.

For more information or to schedule a pre-registration consultation contact:
Dorothy Graham at dgraham@transitionwork.com or 1-414-350-1099


Coping with Stress

More information at www.marquette.edu/psyc/about/centerforpsychologicalservices.shtml

Dealing with a job loss can result in difficulties coping with stress surrounding finances, family, home-life, and other stressors. While the Career Services Center can help you with the logistics of conducting a job search, we recommend you visit the Center for Psychological Services for support in coping with stress.

The Center for Psychological Services (CPS) of Marquette University's Department of Psychology is dedicated to providing affordable and effective treatment to the general Marquette community, including its Milwaukee neighborhood. Like the University as a whole, CPS is dedicated to the principle of equal opportunity. CPS is staffed by Clinical psychology faculty and by graduate students, who are closely supervised by faculty.

The fee for services is established during this visit. Fees are determined by ability to pay. This is on a sliding scale that will not exceed $75.00 per session.

For more information or to schedule an appointment: 414-288-3487