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What should I say when I want to follow up with employers to see if they have received my resume?

There are two circumstances when you could follow up: the first is after responding to an advertised position and the second is after sending a "cold" cover letter and resume.

If the position has been advertised through an HR office, you may call the company and speak to an HR staff person. He or she can tell you if the resume has been received, and you can reiterate your interest in the position. This gets your name in front of an HR person, and he or she may remember you when reviewing resumes to pass on to the hiring manager.

If you have sent a "cold" resume or cover letter (or you have reached a hiring manager who will review resumes for an advertised position), introduce yourself very clearly, say that you are inquiring as to whether he or she has received your resume and to express your sincere interest in the company or a position. You may be able to give a two or three sentence "hook" statement in which you state what you have to offer, and that you hope to elaborate on it further during an interview.

Be very polite and serious in your discussion. Your resume takes on a more personal aspect after you have spoken, even briefly, with a person who may have the power to make a hiring decision.