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Career FYI: April 2012


Interview and dining etiquette

In this issue:

Featured Career Events: Etiquette Dinner and On the Road to Your Career
Employer Highlight: Aldi
Student Success: Biomedical Sciences and Psychology, Mary 2011
Ask MUCSC: Dining Etiquette
Kohl's Education Scholarship
Social Media


"Remember, the purpose of an interview over a meal is to interview well; not to have the best meal ever. If you're still hungry, you can always run through the drive through on the way home."

~ Laura Kestner, Director, MUCSC

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Featured Career Events

More information: http://www.marquette.edu/csc/events/ontheroad.shtml



To REGISTER and for more information

These days getting a job, internship, or scholarship may include an interview over a meal. Dining Etiquette is more than just forks and knives. From sitting down to ordering to making small talk, learn the essentials for making the most of your personal presentation during a meal.


  • Mixing and Mingling
  • Making introductions and conversation starters
  • Getting to know your table and place setting
  • Art of ordering and eating
  • Accidents at the table
  • Closing the meal

For more information about the day of the event, read the "What to expect at the Etiquette Dinner" document. Includes menu, dress attire, and the agenda.

Questions? Email Bethany Olson, Event Planner/Career Counselor at bethany.olson@marquette.edu


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Employer Highlight

ALDI Inc. is a privately held German company that has grown into one of the largest food retailers in Europe. ALDI has stores and warehouses throughout Germany, Austria, England and Australia. In 1976, ALDI opened its first store in the United States. ALDI is a leader in selling a limited assortment of 1,400 items in a unique grocery store format. Our concept is to carry the most needed and most used items in every household in the grocery product line and sell them at the lowest retails possible. Today, we operate over 1,100 stores in 31 states. Though price is important, quality is always Number 1 at ALDI. We will not sell a generic or inferior quality product. ALDI is a pioneer in the limited assortment grocery store concept. The "no frills" ALDI operations is designed to trim overhead and save the customer money. Our unique way of marketing makes it virtually impossible for competitors to match our combination of price and quality. ALDI’s confidence in the future is based on our awareness that valuing and empowering our employees encourages them to provide superior service to our customers. ALDI’s valuing of employees is evident in its superior benefit and compensation packages, which are far above the food industry average. ALDI offers a challenging and rewarding career that offers you the opportunity and responsibility to make impacting changes.

For more information about career opportunities with Aldi: http://aldiuscareers.com

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Student Success

Name - Noelle Papilla
Major -
Biomedical Sciences and Psychology
Grad date -
May 2011
Hometown -
Sacramento, CA

Organization - Marquette University

Job Title - Event Coordinator

Resources used to find your position
Former supervisor—just shows how truly important networking is today!

What you enjoy most about your position
I love coming to work every day to an always-changing and exciting environment. Each day is different and keeps me on my toes! Working in Event Management has allowed me to further develop the skills I’ve gained as a student leader on campus, and in turn, assist current students in planning events that enrich the Marquette experience.

If you could do one thing differently, what would it be?
I wish I had learned earlier that my degree doesn’t necessarily mean I am tied down to any specific industry when job searching. I would have applied for many other positions if I had realized this sooner, and the time I spent job searching would probably have been shorter and less stressful!

Advice and tips for students in your field
Job rejection happens. The best thing you can do is turn it into a learning experience for the next job you apply for.

You have skill sets that are developed entirely outside of the classroom—use this to your advantage to make yourself stand out from other candidates. The extracurricular activities you are involved in give you great examples of skills that potential employers are looking for, so don’t forget to reflect on them.

What do/will you miss most about MU?
Surprisingly, I miss studying! Hunkering down in the Brew or the Library with my books and a supply of coffee filled many hours of my day. Now that I have all this free time, I need to find more hobbies!

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I can't make the Etiquette Dinner event on April 23rd but have a full day interview set up in a couple of weeks. Do you have any general tips for the lunch portion of the interview?


Missing-Out Maddie

Dear Missing-Out Maddie,

Too bad you will be missing our Etiquette Dinner - should be quite the event! We do have some great information on Dining Etiquette that will help with the lunch portion of your interview.

Dining etiquette and general manners are like rules in a game.  Think about a game you play; what would happen if there were no rules?  The rules of a game are valuable because they help everyone to have fun and keep people from feeling that they are being treated unfairly.  Manners rules serve the same function: they help people get along.

General Tips for Interview Dining Etiquette:

  • Just know that the meal is STILL part of your interview so be prepared to answer questions during this part of the day. Utilize our Interviewing Questions handout to prep.
  • Prepare a few insightful questions that you can ask THEM during this time. Some may come up as the day has progressed but make sure you have enough questions for the meal and also at the end of the interview.
  • Meals can feel more casual - just make sure you are still presenting yourself professionally and focused on the job/organization.

For the FULL LIST of Do's and Don'ts, refer to our Dining Etiquette handout.


CSC Staff

If you want more direction with any of these topics, remember that the career counselors are here to help. The career services center is open Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm. Call to schedule an appointment today at 414-288-7423 or email career.services@marquette.edu.


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The Career Services Center has partnered with Kohl’s to provide Career Education Scholarships to registered student organizations at Marquette.

  • These scholarships can be used toward any career education programming, such as organizing networking events, bringing prominent speakers to campus or attending corporate site visits.
  • Last semester, five student organizations won a scholarship including Ad Club, Hunger Clean Up planning team, Marquette-ing Club, Pi Beta Phi and PRSSA.
  • We are looking for applicants for this semester! Email completed applications to Kristin Adler by April 25, 2012; Applications can be found online. This is for Fall 2012 programs.
  • Questions? Contact Kristin Adler

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