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Where in the World are MU Graduates?

Students find it very helpful AND interesting to learn where Marquette Students get jobs. This listing is based on our graduate follow up surveys each year, and it is updated each year. The handouts are based on the majors of students. It gives the position title the graduating student was hired into and what organizations hired the graduates. Thus it provides an automatic list of companies that have hired an MU grad for you to possibly pursue. Seeing the various job titles also expands your knowledge of the multitude of positions titles within an organization.

  1. Accounting
  2. Advertising and Public Relations
  3. Biology, Chemistry, and Clinical Lab Sciences
  4. Biomedical Engineering
  5. Broadcast and Electronic Communication
  6. Business Administration, Economics, International Business, Operations and Supply Chain Management
  7. Civil Engineering
  8. Communication Studies
  9. Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
  10. Criminology and Law Studies
  11. Education
  12. Electrical and Computer Engineering
  13. English and Writing Intensive English
  14. Finance
  15. Health Sciences, Exercise Science, and Speech Pathology
  16. History, International Affairs, Political Science, Theology and Languages
  17. Human Resources
  18. Information Technology
  19. Journalism
  20. Marketing
  21. Mechanical Engineering
  22. Nursing
  23. Physical Therapy
  24. Psychology and Counseling
  25. Social Sciences: Anthropology, History, Sociology, Social Philosophy & Social Work

*Note: All documents are PDFs