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the top qualities you need in your career for it to be satisfying

Now that you have developed a list of your interests, skills, and work values It’s time to bring them together and think about how you could apply these in different careers.

Start by summarizing the main themes that came out of your self-assessment.  In addition to the themes from your self-assessment exercises don’t forget to add things like:

Themes from Interests, Skills, and Work Values

____________________ ____________________ ____________________
____________________ ____________________ ____________________


Personal qualities | Do you enjoy…

  1. Working with people
  2. Working with things
  3. Working with data
  4. Working with ideas
  5. Solving complex problems
  6. Selling ideas, being persuasive
  7. Working outdoors, indoors

Employment qualities | A dose of reality...

  1. Demand or Outlook: will there be job openings when you graduate?
  2. Salary: common advice is not to borrow more for college than you will make in your first year as a professional; consider starting salary, mid-level salary, and top-level salary.

Workday qualities | Fit with lifestyle..

  1. Does this professional allow for work/life balance? Are flexible hours possible?  What are expected working hours per week? 
  2. What kind of work space might you have? Cubicle? Office? Classroom?

Once you have a list of at least 8 Satisfying Occupational Characteristics start thinking of careers that incorporate these themes. Share the list with a friend or family member to get additional ideas about careers. At this point, it’s just brainstorming—so write down everything that comes to mind.

1. ______________________________
2. ______________________________
3. ______________________________
4. ______________________________
5. ______________________________
6. ______________________________
7. ______________________________
8. ______________________________