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The following page contains brief guides on how to navigate D2L using the JAWS screen reader. Before we start, the table below is a brief legend describing how different elements of this help guide are denoted. These guides are based on those developed by the Center for Teaching and Learning at Stephen F. Austin State University and are utilized here with permission.


Navigation Quick Keys are labeled with quotations and are bolded.
Keystrokes Commands are labeled with parenthesis and are bolded.
D2L Tools are in all caps.

Table of Contents

Logging into D2L

The following is a brief guide on how to navigate to the D2L login page, as well as how to login. Begin by loading up Internet Explorer.

From Internet Explorer:

Once on the D2L login page, the username and password will be required to be entered in separate edit boxes.

Configuring D2L Account Settings

The following is a brief guide on how to properly configure your D2L Account Settings for optimal screen reader use. To begin, we will first navigate to the account settings page.

Begin at the MyHome page.

The next page will be Account Settings

By default, your virtual cursor should start on Heading Level 1, Account Settings. On this page, we will be toggling different check boxes and radials for optimal screen reader use. The following is a list of steps, with steps to toggle each option under a different heading:

Dialog Setting

You should change modal dialogs to pop-ups if a) you primarily view the website on a small device, b) you primarily view the website with style sheets disabled, or c) you use an assistive technology (such as a screen reader, screen magnifier or voice software) that benefit from simpler page designs.

HTML Editor Settings

The HTML editor enables you to enter text and HTML in the system. It has many additional rich text features. If you use assistive technology such as screen readers, some of these features might be difficult to navigate.

Video Settings

This setting ensures assistive technologies can detect videos. As a consequence, videos will overlap menus. It does not influence the accessibility of specific players.

To save the all the settings:

Discussion Settings must be changed from the DISCUSSIONS TOOL. Begin from the COURSE HOME.

From the DISCUSSIONS page:

You should now be on the DISCUSSION SETTINGS page

Press "H" to Navigate to navigate to the PERSONAL SETTINGS heading.

  • Press "Down Arrow" for DISPLAY SETTINGS.
    • Press "Down Arrow" to navigate to the "Always show the Discussions List pane" check box.
    • Press "Spacebar" to uncheck the box.
  • Press "Down Arrow" for DEFAULT VIEW.
    • Press "Down Arrow" to navigate to the "GRID VIEW " radial.
    • Press "Spacebar" to select the radial button.
  • Press "Down Arrow" for REPLY SETTINGS
    • Press "Down Arrow" to navigate to the "INCLUDE ORIGINAL POST IN REPLY" checkbox.
    • Press "Spacebar" to check the box.

Press "H" to Navigate to navigate to the GRID VIEW SETTINGS heading.

  • Press "Down Arrow" for DEFAULT THREADING STYLE.
    • Press "Down Arrow" to navigate to the "UNTHREADED" radial.
    • Press "Spacebar" to check the box.
  • Press "Down Arrow"for DISPLAY SETTINGS.
    • Press "Down Arrow" for SHOW THE PREVIEW PANE checkbox.
    • Press "Spacebar" to uncheck the box.

To save the settings:

Navigating Content

The following is a brief guide on how to navigate through D2L's online course content and materials provided by your instructor. To begin, first navigate to the home page and then to content page.

Tip: D2L is separated virtually by 2 main regions; the NAVIGATION REGION, containing buttons and links that will take you to various areas of D2L, and the MAIN REGION, where the bulk of the content will be displayed. Note that the number of regions on a page can vary depending on what page the user is on. To navigate by regions, press "R".

Tip: Understand that many facets of D2L function as links. As such, a common route of navigating D2L is by using the Links List Dialog keystroke command, (Insert+F7).

Begin at the MY HOME page.

From the COURSE HOME page:

Understanding the CONTENT Page:

In its most fundamental set up, D2L presents learning materials in the structure of *MODULES* (think of a chapter), that contains *CONTENT*(remember that content = links = topics), which are presented in a LIST. There are several different types of content that instructors utilize, ranging from internal materials, like HTML files (HTML content created in D2L), mp4 videos, powerpoints, quizzes, discussions, dropbox assignments, ect., to outside materials, such as links to websites, youtube videos, and even online textbook assignments. Regardless of what materials a course utilizes, understand that they are all accessed the same way: through links.

With that in mind:

Proceed to the desired module.

Once in the MODULE:

From the TOPIC page:

To proceed to the next TOPIC in the MODULE:

Navigating Quizzes

To begin, we will first navigate to the MY HOME page and then to QUIZ page.

Begin at the MyHome page.


Once on the Quizzes Page,

The quizzes will be presented as links within a table. You may choose to navigate to the desired quiz by either links or by utilizing the table:

To navigate quizzes by links:

To navigate by tables:

When the desired quiz is found:

Once inside the QUIZ:

One way of navigating the quiz quickly is by understanding that each question is composed of 4 main components:

  1. A header that denotes the question number.
  2. A table that hosts the answer choices.
  3. A set of radials to be selected for the correct answer choice/s,
  4. The SAVE button.

First we will navigate by utilizing the header:

Choosing an answer selection

Next, we will move into the table that contains the answer choices, and choose the answer, based on what type of question is presented.

For true or false questions:

For multiple choice questions:

For multiple select questions

For long answer questions:

For short answer questions:

Follow the same prompt as the long answer questions.

To Save the answer selection(s):

To submit the quiz: