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Below are some quick fixes for issues you might encounter in your online course.  If the instructions below don’t rectify your issue or you need help with or have questions about downloading the software listed below, contact Marquette’s Help Desk at 288-7799 or

What are some current known issues with Marquette's e-learning environment?

There are a list of known issues in Marquette's e-Learning environment Desire2Learn (D2L). There is no need to report these issues to the help desk.

List of known D2L issues

What browsers are supported by Marquette's e-learning environment?

Students and faculty are welcome to use their browser of choice in Marquette's e-Learning environment Desire2Learn (D2L). But for the best experience and fewest problems, we recommend using the most up-to-date version of Firefox.

If you need help acquiring a supported browser, please contact the IT Services help desk at (414) 288-7799.

NOTE: Even though Internet Explorer 9 is supported, instructors will find limited drag-and-drop functionality on the Content page. For full drag-and-drop functionality, a different browser must be used.

Check for browser compatibility

Supported Browsers for D2L version 10.3


Mac OS X:

Mobile web:

What are the computer system requirements and general recommendations for playback of media in my D2L course?

WINDOWS Computers:

APPLE Computers:

I use an older version of Microsoft Office Suite, will I be able to open files from newer versions?

Your best option is to upgrade your Microsoft Office Suite to the latest version. Marquette students can get Office 365, which includes the latest version of the Microsoft Office Suite, for FREE. Visit the ITS website to download it now.

I’ve logged on to Desire2Learn, but can’t find my course.

I’m able to get into my course, but Desire2Learn is not functioning properly for me.

You may need to verify that you’re using a D2L-supported browser.

The Video or voiceover PowerPoint I’m trying to watch won’t play.

I’m trying to attach or upload a file and D2L won’t let me OR I’ve attached or uploaded a file to D2L, but when I click on it in D2L it won’t open and I get an error message.

I can’t open certain course documents or PDF files.