Marquette University's Dental School: Ready-Made for Tomorrow's Dentists


Our beautiful 120,000 square-foot dental school and clinic - Wisconsin's only - offers the most advanced clinical resources and instructional technology available.


The Preclinical Simulation Laboratory

First and second-year students practice their hand skills on high-tech manikins in the pre-clinical simulation laboratory.  Students are able to get up-close and personal access, not only to online resource materials, but also to on-site presentations.  Each student has a workstation equipped with a personal computer, providing a clear view of even the smallest details of each slideshow, video or live demonstration.  With its clinic-like environment, the simulation laboratory significantly improves the transition from classroom to clinic work.


Central Sterilization System

This capability provides an unlimited supply of sterile instruments for use by our students and faculty. This, of course, translates into competent patient care.


Faculty Practice Clinic

The clinic offers a venue for Marquette’s dental faculty to develop their skills and to stay on top of the latest innovations in patient care. A program of this nature is essential for allowing those with needs beyond the scope of general dentistry an opportunity to receive on-site specialist care.


Other Facility Features