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Student Services

Academic Accommodations

Once you are officially enrolled as a student at Marquette and you have a disability, you may be eligible to receive assistance (accommodations) to enable you to participate in all university functions the same as your peers.  In order to receive accommodations, students must follow the process summarized below. 

  1. Provide appropriate documentation to the Office of Disability Services (ODS),
  2. Meet with an ODS Representative each semester PRIOR to the need for requested accommodations,
  3. Identify in that meeting the courses for which accommodations are requested,
  4. Deliver accommodations letters provided by the ODS Representative to each instructor, and
  5. Discuss classroom needs with the instructor.

Some common academic accommodations include:

For a more detailed description of the accommodations process, see Policies, Procedures, and Resources. This is the official policy document that defines this process. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office for assistance.



Our Mission

Marquette University's Office of Disability Services is dedicated to providing equal access within the classroom setting, through the determination of appropriate accommodations, for students with documented disabilities. ODS promotes accessibility awareness through collaboration with campus partners, the development of student self-advocacy, and through consultation with the broader community. Guided by the university's mission, we strive to support the Marquette community in their efforts to educate all students on campus.