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Financial Advising/Education

Participants can set up an appointment with MARQ Your Path staff to discuss financial planning for college, including applying for financial aid and scholarships. MARQ Your Path staff will assist with finding appropriate sources of aid and guide participants through the application process.


Online Resources

Financial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Aid provides undergraduate and graduate students with resources about types of financial aid and student employment. 

Provides information on how to apply for financial aid, complete your FAFSA form, and general information on loan repayment.



The National Center for Learning Disabilities, Inc. rewards The Anne Ford & Allegra Ford Scholarship annually, which offers a $10,000 award to two graduating high school seniors with documented learning disabilities (LD) who are pursuing undergraduate degrees.

The website also provides detailed information regarding a variety of scholarship opportunities, such as:

Disaboom provides information regarding scholarship opportunities for students with autism, visual impairments, cancer, cystic fibrosis, hearing impairments, immunodeficiency disease, learning disabilities, lupus, physical disabilities, and general disabilities.

An organization that administers a variety of scholarships from corporations, foundations, individuals and trust funds.


Personal Finance

Budgeting Resources

Free money management website. Assists with tracking your budget and financial goals.

Free budget worksheet template to assist with managing expenses.


Student Loan Repayment Resource

Repayment calculator illustrates a student’s individual repayment plan based on current interest rates, loan amount and income. 




Our Mission

Marquette University's Office of Disability Services is dedicated to providing equal access within the classroom setting, through the determination of appropriate accommodations, for students with documented disabilities. ODS promotes accessibility awareness through collaboration with campus partners, the development of student self-advocacy, and through consultation with the broader community. Guided by the university's mission, we strive to support the Marquette community in their efforts to educate all students on campus.