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Take this quiz to see what kind of neighbor you are.

1. I know ____________ neighbors on my block.
Zero (why bother, I'm never home anyway)
11 or more

2. When a new neighbor moves onto my block, I
Wouldn't know that they are new.
Request that they cut down the large weeping willow tree in their yard that has been perpetuating the annoying squirrel problem in the area.
Introduce myself and give my phone number in case of an emergency.
Bring over a City of Milwaukee Neighborhood Services "Welcome Bag," invite them to the next neighborhood meeting, and provide them with a copy of the neighborhood directory.

3. If my neighbor and I have a conflict that I don't think we can resolve on our own, I
Leave harassing phone messages and prepare to sell the house.
Avoid addressing the conflict until emotions are extremely high.
Hold a neighborhood meeting to establish mutual expectations in the neighborhood.
Utilize the free city mediation program to resolve the problem as quickly and easily as possible.

4. When I park my car,
I park on my front lawn.
I speed into the neighborhood with my stereo blasting before parking in front of a neighbor's house.
I park in front of a neighbor's house but am careful to turn my stereo down so as to not disturb them.
I park in my garage, driveway, or in front of my own house.

5. When I leave on vacation, I
Don't tell a soul…nobody will notice that I'm gone anyway.
Make sure the automatic sprinkler system is on.
Leave a phone number where I can be reached in an emergency with a trustworthy neighbor.
Arrange with a neighbor for the lawn to be mowed, plants watered, and/or snow shoveled. I also leave emergency phone numbers, house keys, and travel plans with neighbors.

6. My dog
Barks 24 hours a day.
Gets accused by other neighbors of barking. I, however, am convinced that it is not MY Rosco who is causing the problem.
Is generally quiet and well behaved unless the doorbell rings or the mailman comes.
Is always on a leash and picked up after on walks.

7. My yard could be described as:
Yard? Do you mean the junkyard?
The Sherwood Forest: It'll be nice once I mow the grass and cut down these overgrown branches.
Acceptable: it's as well kept as the other yards on my block.
The Garden of Eden: I've won the "pride in property" award 4 consecutive years.

8. When I hear of meetings or activities happening in my neighborhood, I
Crumple up the notice left on my door and throw it into my front yard.
Half-heartedly try to convince my spouse to attend so that we don't look bad.
Attend and do the best I can to help organize.
Run the meetings, host the garage sale, and infect others with my contagious enthusiasm.

9. I would describe my neighborhood as a place where
I sleep (and occasionally pick up a ticket from City Code Enforcement)
Most people can be assured that they won't get any of their personal possessions stolen.
I can relax.
I feel connected and valued. This is my favorite place to spend my time.

10. If I am hosting a party at my house late at night, I
Expect to receive a noise ticket from the city. Who can control all of these people anyway?
Call the non emergency Public Safety number (288-6800) if things get too out of control.
Leave neighbors with a phone number where our sober host can be contacted if they are disturbed.
Notify neighbors in advance, identify a sober host at the party, control the number of people invited to the party, and monitor guests as they arrive and leave the house. I also check in with neighbors after the party to make sure that the noise level was acceptable to them.

Add up your score!

Your score is:

Assess what kind of neighbor you are:

0-19 Points: A good neighbor in training
You are on the road to being a good neighbor, but you do have a little work to do before you will feel truly connected to the people who live around you. One of the first steps that you can take to being a great neighbor is to get to know your neighbors. Even if you have been living in your house/apartment/condo/etc. for a while, it is never to late to meet those around you! You may also want to familiarize yourself with local codes and ordinances that apply to you as a Marquette University and Milwaukee community member.

20-23 Points: A good neighbor
You understand that being a good neighbor can make you feel more connected to those around you. Now you just need to fine tune your knowledge and skills at neighborliness! Some opportunities that you might consider include attending a neighborhood meeting to learn about issues occurring in your neighborhood, inviting your neighbors to a dinner or BBQ, and familiarizing yourself with local codes and ordinances regarding noise, weeds, and rubbish.

24-26 points: A great neighbor
You are committed to doing the right thing and being a good neighbor. It's people like you, grassroots leaders doing the little things day after day, that make our neighborhoods wonderful! Keep up the good work!

27-30 points: A true patriot! Run for city office!
You know exactly what it takes to build community in your neighborhood. Share your knowledge and enthusiasm with other neighbors on your block.


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