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The Division of Student Affairs Assessment Team includes representatives from all five Student Affairs departments; Campus Ministry; Institutional Research and Analysis; College of Education; and partner units in academic support such as Student Educational Services and Career Services.

The primary role and function of the team is to coordinate and integrate assessment projects in order to collect, analyze and report actionable data on the co-curricular student experience at Marquette, with an eye toward continued improvement of programs and services offered for students. Some specific roles include:

  • Coordinate timing and implementation of departmental and divisional surveys
  • Serve as a clearinghouse for existing data
  • Develop data-sharing strategies across departments and outside of Student Affairs
  • Support institutional accreditation and data-reporting needs
  • Collect and analyze data to support division-wide strategic planning, improvement of programs and student learning, budgetary decision-making and fundraising/grant writing

Assessment Team Members

Jodi Blahnik, Ph.D., Chair
Psychologist and Director of Student Affairs Assessment
Counseling Center

Claire Decaster
Graduate Assistant
Student Educational Services

Courtney Hanson
Associate Director
Career Services Center

Jody Jessup-Anger, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
College of Education

Sara Johnson
Director, Alcohol and Other Drug Program Prevention
Marquette University Medical Clinic

Erin Kelly
Hall Director
Office of Residence Life

Jessica Lothman
Study Abroad Coordinator
Office of International Education

Laura MacBride
Assistant Director
Office of Institutional Research and Analysis

Eva Martinez Powless
Director, Intercultural Engagement
Student Affairs

Ann Mulgrew
Assistant Director
Campus Ministry

Julie Murphy
Director for Enrollment Management and Outreach
Opus College of Engineering

Ali Myszewski
Associate Director of Marketing and Programming
Alumni Memorial Union

Jennifer Reid
Student Affairs Communication Director
Student Affairs

JohnRae Stowers
Assistant Director
Student Educational Services

Debbie Swanson
Associate Director, Recreational Sports
Department of Recreational Sports

Jane Vega
Director, Administrative Services
Marquette University Medical Clinic