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Faculty members in the College of Education aspire to be outstanding teachers who make significant scholarly contributions to their fields of study. Equally important, however, faculty and staff both volunteer their time to make important societal and professional contributions that demonstrate leadership expressed in service to others.

Our faculty and staff participate in a broad array of activities in partnership with our many shareholders in urban, suburban and rural schools and communities, human service and other types of agencies, and professional organizations. Service includes membership on boards, executive and advisory committees, task forces, and steering groups as well as numerous leadership and consulting roles.

We invite you to take note below of the many ways our faculty and staff demonstrate professional and civic engagement. This compendium of service illuminates our profound commitment to social justice and serves to honor Marquette’s tradition as a Catholic, Jesuit university.

Bardwell, Rebecca
Burkard, Alan
Carlson, Mary
Chubbuck, Sharon
Clark, Kathleen
Edwards, Lisa
Eckman, Ellen
Fox, Robert
Henk, William
Jessup-Anger, Jody
Knox, Sarah

LaBelle, S.J., Rev. Jeffrey
Lowe, Robert
Melchert, Timothy
Pink, William
Scanlan, Martin
Thon, Fr. Andrew
Tate, Kevin A.
van den Kieboom, Leigh
Walker-Dalhouse, Doris
Whipp, Joan

Rebecca Bardwell

Alan Burkard

Mary Carlson

Sharon Chubbuck

Kathleen Clark

Lisa Edwards

Ellen Eckman

Robert Fox

William Henk

Jody Jessup-Anger

Sarah Knox

Rev. Jeffrey LaBelle, S.J.

Robert Lowe

Timothy Melchert

Kevin A. Tate

William Pink

Martin Scanlan

Fr. Andy Thon

Leigh van den Kieboom

Doris Walker-Dalhouse

Joan Whipp


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