Timothy Melchert, Ph.D.

Department of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology

Office: 113K Schroeder Complex
Phone: (414) 288-7379

Timothy Melchert, Ph.D.



Courses Taught

Research Interests

My main area of research and scholarship focuses on the theoretical and scientific frameworks used to guide education and practice in behavioral healthcare. A science-based biopsychosocial framework can resolve much of the theoretical confusion and professional conflicts that have long plagued the field. I also work with students on topics involving well-being and health psychology.

Professional Involvements

Recent Publications


Cooke, P. J., Melchert, T. P., & Connor, K. (2016). Measuring well-being: A review of instruments. The Counseling Psychologist, 44(5), 730-757.

Melchert, T. P. (2016). Leaving behind our preparadigmatic past: Professional psychology as a unified clinical science. American Psychologist, 71, 486-496.


Melchert, T. P. (2015). Biopsychosocial practice: A science-based framework for behavioral health care. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.


Hildebrand, L., Melchert, T. P., & Anderson, R. C. (2014). Impression management during evaluation and psychological reactions post-donation of living kidney donors. Clinical Transplantation, 28, 855-861.


Melchert, T. P. (2013). Beyond theoretical orientations: The emergence of a unified scientific framework for professional psychology. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 44, 11-19.


Melchert, T. P. (2011). Foundations of Professional Psychology: The end of theoretical orientations and the emergence of the biopsychosocial approach. London: Elzevier.

Meyer, L., & Melchert, T. P. (2011). Examining the content of mental health intake assessments from a biopsychosocial perspective. Journal of Psychotherapy Integration, 21, 70-89.


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